Aeon Lighting Technology equips solid-state lighting products with Cree LEDs

July 8, 2015
With the evolution of light-emitting diode technology, the cost of LED-based solid-state lighting is reducing and performance of the light is better than ever. Aeon Lighting Technology (ALT), the leading high-power LED lighting brand in Taiwan, has announced new products equipped with Cree’s latest LEDs, in order to improve the light quality and return the favor to its customer. ALT's patterned heat-dissipation and power management technology can drive the flagship Cree XP-L and single light source Cree MH-B and MH-D LEDs, bringing the advantage of higher brightness, higher color rendering, and beautiful lighting effect.

Cree XP-L is the first commercially available single-die LED to achieve breakthrough efficacy of up to 200 lumens per watt (LPW). Although the price is higher than normal chipsets, ALT still believe the high efficiency of these LEDs combines with ALT’s integrate competence can bring more advantage to our customers. So far, ALT is the first lighting manufacturer using XP-L in many kinds of indoor and outdoor products including MR16, chandelier light, PAR lamp, streetlight and floodlight.

The upgraded ALT FlameTech™ Chandelier with XP-L LEDs deliveris high lumen output, making it the perfect replacement for 40-watt incandescent bulbs, and can be applied to more applications. The Lodestar series floodlight and streetlight with XP-L achieves a lumens per watt upgrade to 140. Using the XP-L LEDs with the 92 watt floodlight allow it to replace the 145 watt XBD chipset floodlight. It’s a great solution to consume less energy while the lighting cost is reduced too. In addition, ALT’s PAR series with XP-L LEDs is set at the same price as existing lights with XM-L LEDs while the lumen output is upgraded.

Cree MH-B/MH-D are high-power LEDs that combine high color rendering and reliability of a ceramic chip-on-board LED; they can clearly show the true color of the object. ALTLED® MR16 lamps equipped with MH-B/MH-D LEDs have a variety of beam angles, CRI 90, and have received worldwide design awards. The great performance and reduced cost win a lot of customer response, and ALT is also optimistic about the potential of this product.

ALT works closely with LED chip suppliers to ensure the efficiency and quality of ALTLED® solid-state lighting products are the best among industry. The new products have been mass produced, and samples can be provided at any time.


Nina Chen - Aeon Lighting Technology
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