Citizen Electronics develops COB LEDs with 70,000-lm flux

Oct. 28, 2015
Citizen Electronics expands product lineup with COB LEDs
Development of “LEDs that have achieved the world’s highest-class luminous flux of more than 70,000 lm”
- For outdoor or high-bay lighting requiring high luminous flux -

Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture. President: Yoshihiro Gohta) has developed LEDs for lighting, ‘CLU550,’ as new products of ‘COB *1 Series’ that provide the world’s highest-class luminous flux of more than 70,000 lm. The
COB LEDs are being exhibited during the ‘Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2015’ starting on October 27, 2015.

COB LEDs Series for Lighting:
Package providing high luminous flux
Developed products: 2 models
- CLU550-3626C1-XXAL7G4-B24 (Ra70 min.)
- CLU550-3626C1-XXM2G2-B24 (Ra80 min.)
- Size: 38.0 mm × 38.0 mm × 1.4 mm
- Luminous flux: 59,209 lm to 71,735 lm *
- Mass production is scheduled to start in November 2015
* typical values of each color variation

Background of development
1. Recently, LED lighting has become more prominent in terms of energy conservation and eco-friendly activities. LEDs delivering high luminous flux are required for outdoor or high-bay lighting such as flood lights and stadium lighting in which mercury lamps and HID lamps have been used conventionally. These new COB LEDs increase the quantity of mounted dies occupying the same space by 45% over that of the current model through mastering high-density mounting technology cultivated as a pioneer of high-wattage LEDs. Citizen Electronics has also achieved an increase in luminous flux by about 20% over that of the current model and the world’s highest-class luminous flux of more than 70,000 lm through our original Chip on Aluminum technique *2. As only one LED package can deliver brightness equivalent to 500 W, this new product contributes to the miniaturization of luminaires.

New product: 70,463 lm, 148 lm/W (CLU550-3626C1)
Current model: 57,463 lm 128 lm/W (CLU056-3618C1)

2. Package with four terminals is capable of being driven by general power source
Driving power can be dispersed by incorporating four terminals on the package. Luminaire makers can drive high-luminous flux COB LEDs using a general-purpose power source without the need for a special one.

3. The same package size as COB series
The same package size as that of CLL05X/CLU05X of the existing COB series enables efficient design of luminaires.

*1 COB: stands for Chip on Board and is a structure where LED dies are directly mounted on a board.
*2 Chip on Aluminum technique: a high-heat dissipation technique where LED dies are directly mounted on an aluminum
board and has been patented by Citizen Electronics.


Dave Lomas, North America Citizen Electronics
Lennard Kaehler, Europe