Honglitronic obtains LM-80 report for 0.5W SMD LED with 9000-hr certification

Oct. 30, 2015
In mid-October, Honglitronic became the first LED packaging manufacturer to get IESNA LM-80 certification of 9000 hours for its 2835 SMD LEDs. Approved by iLack, through a third party test lab (BACL), Hongl’s LM-80 certified 2835 SMD LEDs have longer lifespan, high reliability, efficiency and quality, that makes them highly suitable for solid-state lighting applications.

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As per 9000 hours LM-80 tests, Honglitronic’s 2835 SMD LED devices have higher lumen maintenance of 97.02% @ 55 deg. Celsius, 95.06% @ 85 deg. Celsius, 93.35% @ 105 deg. Celsius. As per IES TM-21 lifetime calculations, expected lifetime of our 2835 SMD LED is 81,000 Hrs @ 55 deg. Celsius, 54,000 Hrs @ 85 deg. Celsius and 41,000 @ 105 deg. Celsius.

So far, Honglitronic has a variety of SMD and COB packaged LED components that have obtained third-party LM-80 6000/7000 hours’ test results. Honglitronic’s Lab is an ‘ENERGY STAR Lab’ accredited by CNAS, and became the first independent LM-80 testing lab under the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accredited certification agency authorized by EPA.

Moreover, Honglitronic’s five SMD LED models including 4014 and 5730 are undergoing LM-80 9000 Hours testing, which will be released at the end of October. Honglitronic is committed to quality and continuously working to improve its LED products to meet the industry's higher standards and performance demands.


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