Kingbright Heli Colour packaged LEDs are available as top emitter and SMD devices

Dec. 9, 2015
Los Angeles, CA - Kingbright has announced to a new addition to the HELI lineup of packaged LEDs, the HELI Colour series. Engineered with and exploiting the latest AlGalnP and InGaN material technology, the HELI Colour series provides customers with both bi-color and full color packaged LEDs.

In compliance with RoHS and REACH regulations, the HELI Colour series of packaged LEDs has been made available in various industry standard top emitting and right angle SMD packages. While maintaining high luminosity and providing the customer with options to operate the LED in low current and low forward voltage conditions, Kingbright HELI Colour series packaged LEDs give customers extra maneuverability in their designs.

With many advantages, the HELI Colour meets the meticulous standards of any customers in consumer electronics, healthcare, industrial and home appliances applications.

To learn more about the new HELI Colour series from Kingbright, please contact us.