UV LED developer Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. acquires commercial operations of Nitek, Inc.

Dec. 14, 2015
Columbia, SC – Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETi) has announced that it has acquired the commercial operations of UV LED developer and manufacturer, Nitek, Inc., strengthening its position as global leaders in the UV LED marketplace. The transaction combines two highly complementary companies to become the largest UV focused LED developer and manufacturer in the world along with the lowest cost of ownership.

Founded in 2004, Nitek has developed technology to manufacture deep UV LEDs in a highly cost effective, high volume process, which, when implemented with SETi’s technology leads to the highest performance LEDs at the industry’s lowest cost.

“This acquisition increases SETi’s DUV EPI capacity, while also bringing additional technology to reduce our costs. The net result is that it allows us to reduce the adoption time of cost sensitive volume markets such as water and air disinfection” said Emmanuel Lakios, President and CEO of SETi.

As part of the transaction, SETi also becomes the exclusive distributor for Seoul Viosys UVA LEDs in North America, offering its customers a complete range of UV LEDs spanning the entire spectrum from UVA to UVC.
SETi was founded in 1999 with headquarters in Columbia, SC.

It was the first to market with DUV LEDs with its UVTOP line of LEDs that cover the entire spectrum from 230nm to 355nm and its custom UVCLEAN products that can be designed to meet any DUV application.

In 2015, SETi remains the largest supplier for DUV LEDs and, the capacity exceeding 100 million units per ear and ISO?9001/AS?9100 certification.


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