Lynk Labs takes legal action against Juno Lighting and Juno Manufacturing to protect LED lighting IP

June 2, 2015
ELGIN, IL – Lynk Labs Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Juno Lighting LLC, and Juno Manufacturing Inc. at the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Alleging Patent Infringement and Breach of Contract and Requesting Correction of Inventorship. Lynk Labs is taking action to stop infringement on Lynk’s patented technologies in the field of LED lighting systems and components. The suits allege infringement of 2 patents related to LED lighting IP. US Patent No. 8.531,118 entitled “AC Light Emitting Diode And AC LED Drive Methods And Apparatus which encompasses Lighting Systems and components driven with high frequency AC voltage sources, and US Patent No. 8,841,855 entitled “LED Circuits And Assemblies” which encompasses LED assemblies driven with AC voltage sources. “Lynk fully supports competition, but it should be fair competition,” said Mike Miskin, Lynk Labs chairman and CEO. “We have invested substantially to be an innovator and pioneer in the AC LED market space. We have been building our patent portfolio over the past 10 years to create fundamental technology that has enabled the AC LED & HV LED lighting market to become an established and growing market now. With more than 57 pending and issued patents in our portfolio, we have an obligation to act and protect our shareholders, and licensing partners.” Lynk was the first company to develop sophisticated technology to enable LEDs and LED light sources to be driven with high frequency AC voltage transformer/driver & ballast/driver topologies that today enable LED light sources and lighting systems to be manufactured, sold and installed similarly to existing legacy incandescent and fluorescent lighting systems. As a result, Lynk introduced the first AC-driven LED lighting system solutions in the form of electronic transformers/drivers and LED circuit assemblies to the U.S. lighting OEM market. Lynk has also invested substantial R&D resources into the development of flicker reduction innovations for AC powered LED light sources. Lynk has secured patents for its LED lighting IP that is today simplifying and advancing the adoption of energy-efficient LED technology. About Lynk Labs Lynk Labs designs, manufactures and/or licenses its patented technology based on the market and application. Lynk Labs technology can simplify the conversion of existing lighting fixtures as well as enable faster development of new product lines. Lynk Labs has built a broad patent portfolio of technology surrounding various forms of AC LED, HV LED and DC LED technologies that includes chips, packages/COBs, assemblies/modules, drive methods, lamps, lighting systems and TV & PC displays. Lynk’s technology simplifies the challenges of integrating LED technology into the existing AC voltage powered lighting infrastructure. Lynk designs, develops and manufactures AC LED packages, lamps, assemblies, drivers and systems for OEMs and end users. Lynk Labs®, Tesla®, SnapBrite®, GeoLite® and BriteDriver® are registered trademarks of Lynk Labs Inc.


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