Edison Opto will showcase LED modules and packaged LEDs at 2015 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

June 4, 2015
The Taiwanese LED packaging manufacturer Edison Opto has been focusing on new product and technology development. Recently, they have introduced several highly competitive products, including Flash Series, CSP 1616 and AC COB LED modules. Combined with application examples, Edison’s new LED modules and packaged LEDs will be showcased in 2015 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition.

Aiming for the business opportunity of smartphone, Edison Opto has invested in the R&D and production of flash LEDs, and introduced the industry’s brightest Flash ES03 LED module which breaks through the technology threshold to obtain the exclusive phosphor film patent. The package size of Flash ES03 is 2.0x1.6mm (2016) which is the mainstream dimension in the flash LED market. It gives off high brightness (320lm which is driven by 1A) within ultra small emitting area (only 1.1x1.1mm). Compared with the traditional spray coating process, phosphor film features high color uniformity and can achieve the optimum brightness performance with secondary optical design (the efficiency is higher than spray process by 10%). Flash ES03 has been introduced into mobile phone flash market and can be applied in automotive lighting and medical applications (such as endoscope). In addition to the white ES03, Edison Opto has also launched full-color Flash LED modules which can be widely used in warning lights, stage lights, mood lighting and decorative lighting.

In recent years, CSP technology has become a growing trend in the LED packaging market. In response to the market demand Edison Opto launches CSP 1616 whose packaging structure is relatively simple compared to the traditional SMD LED. CSP technology obviates the packaging process which can lower the production cost and reduce the emitting area, providing more flexibility for secondary optical design. CSP 1616 achieves high luminous flux and wide beam angle (150°) within the small area. Moreover, it is flexible for lamp design whether for high luminous intensity deign or wide light angle design. CSP Series is the best choice for thin and wide angle lamps.

For modular products, Edison Opto is the first manufacturer to release AC COB LED modules in the industry. Edison EdWing Series is a 7W omnidirectional AC COB LED module which can achieve 450lm replacing 40W halogen lamps. Besides, it has uniform light distribution with wide beam angle (270°), and there is no obvious dark areas while being applied in lamps. Furthermore, Edison Opto introduces the high efficacy DOB (driver on board) AC COB LED module which delivers 100 lm/W (at 3000K and CRI 80) exceeding the market level (85lm/W). In addition to the standard DOB module, Edison Opto also develops the color-tunable COB module which delivers smooth and uniform tuning from 2000K to 3000K. The tuning effect is similar to the traditional halogen with no flicker. Combined with AC structure, Edison AC COB LED modules can help customers to reduce the circuit problem and the cost of luminaires. To learn more high efficiency and high lm/$ products, please come to visit Edison Opto at Booth No.A19 in Hall 10.2 and experience the latest developments in LED lighting technologies.


Edison Opto

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