Brightek produces new IR LED for facial recognition applications

Nov. 27, 2015
With the growing popularity of handheld devices, facial recognition is becoming the hottest technology after fingerprint authentication -- in response to the rising trade mechanism of mobile payment and mobile commerce -- to strengthen personal data protection. Facial recognition technology is a biometric technique used to detect and recognize users' facial features, which can unlock handheld devices and PCs and authorize online transactions while convenience and safety are guaranteed for users. The application of face recognition will gradually be introduced to mobile devices to replace the traditional password entry and to reinforce transaction security.

Furthermore, with the launch of Microsoft's latest operating system – Windows 10 – comes its breakthrough function Windows Hello. This new biometric security system allows users to log in through a fingerprint, iris scanning or facial recognition without having to type in a password. In comparison with passwords, this new technology is safer and easier to use, and it will be extensively applied to personal computers, tablets, smart phones and surveillance equipment in the future.

Brightek targets facial recognition as a key market and has developed infrared (IR) LED products in its 3535 Ceramic Series and 3030 SMC Series, which include different viewing angles at 30°/60°/90°/120°. The IR LED offerings feature the function of infrared supplementary light to enhance accuracy while using the facial recognition system on a device.

3535 Ceramic Series 3030 SMC Series
Brightek’s IR LED for facial recognition has been applied in the newest laptops compatible with Windows Hello, and it complies with the requirements to operate the system. By using 1 to 2 LEDs, the device can work accurately under different kinds of light sources. Besides using the IR LED products in facial recognition, Brightek is developing a new generation IR LED for iris scanning and is starting to collaborate with customers to work on verification. Brightek intends to provide the best solutions applied in mobile devices and surveillance products with new technology and packaging.

About Brightek:
Brightek is a professional LED manufacturer, mainly providing LED packages and solutions for customers. Founded in 2001, Brightek’s headquarters are based in Taoyuan, Taiwan, and the company has two plants: Shenzhen (China) & Taoyuan (Taiwan). Brightek’s product families include LED lamps, SMD LEDs, PLCC, ceramic, COB, UV, IR LEDs, etc. We focus on quality, innovation, and reliability, and continue to be a leading supplier of high quality LED solutions.