Sensorex UVT monitor achieves stable and reliable water testing with Crystal IS UV-C LEDs

March 26, 2015
Sensorex introduces its first family of ultraviolet transmittance monitors using UV-C LEDs from Crystal IS instead of mercury-based lamps as light source. Highlights: Crystal IS UV-C LEDs offer light stability, instantaneous response and design freedom over mercury-based lamps. For environmental monitoring the UV-C LED offers: • Ease of use across multiple water treatment environments because of the smaller footprint - directly in a pipe, in an open channel or used offline as a battery operated handheld instrument. • High spectral quality for measurement linearity over a wide range. • Long lifetime and simple drive electronics that enable maintenance-free, continuous remote operation. Sensorex, a leading manufacturer of quality sensors for water applications, evaluated Crystal IS UV-C LEDs as a light source replacement to mercury-based lamps. Testing confirmed that brighter, longer lifetime UV-C LEDs were a significant contribution to a UVT monitoring instrument that: • is able to achieve full intensity instantly, • optimizes UV disinfection dosage guaranteeing that systems are not under- or over-dosing water and • reveals cost savings greater than the one-time cost of purchasing the UVT monitor. "With Crystal IS, Sensorex can manufacture state-of-the-art sensors for water monitoring," Larry Felton, CEO of Crystal IS. "Their willingness to test and implement new light sources proves why they continue to be a market leader."

The Crystal IS UV-C LED allows manufacturers to fully exploit the power of UV-based technology to improve productivity, increase accuracy and create greater flexibility in product designs. Crystal IS UV-C LED technology, made possible by the unique, low defect AlN substrate, delivers superior light output, better spectral quality and best-in-class reliability and lifetimes, a game changer for environmental monitoring, life sciences and analytical instrumentation.

"The small footprint, long lifetime and low power consumption of Crystal IS deep-UV LEDs is ideal for the UVT-LED product," said Dan Shaver, new business manager at Sensorex. "This makes for a versatile product with extremely stable readings in all conditions, over an extended lifetime."


Crystal IS
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