Inside a Bluetooth mesh lighting network - a comprehensive guide for lighting manufacturers

Jan. 11, 2019

This guide explains how component manufacturers and luminaire makers can integrate Bluetooth mesh with their products, and what good practices should be followed when implementing Bluetooth mesh lighting networks. It also outlines some of the most innovative concepts underlying Bluetooth mesh networking, as well as the essentials of decentralized lighting control introduced by this wireless technology. Last but not least, it gives a glimpse at advanced lighting control strategies included in the Bluetooth mesh specification. Key learning points:

  • What is system-on-chip (SoC) and what lighting manufacturers should know about it?
  • How to put the Bluetooth mesh technology into an LED luminaire? Which components can be integrated with it?
  • What are the challenges of wireless lighting control? How are they addressed in the Bluetooth mesh specifications?
  • What is a decentralized software controller and how exactly does it work? What lighting control strategies does it support?

This white paper sponsored by Silvair.