Barco installs high-resolution LED screen at the Toronto Eaton Centre

Nov. 15, 2004
Barco has installed a large-scale, high-resolution LED video display at the Toronto Eaton Centre, adjacent to the recently redeveloped Yonge-Dundas Square in the heart of downtown Toronto.
Media Tower The 26- x 38-foot LED screen is part of a 180-foot multimedia entertainment tower and was installed by Barco, the Belgium-based supplier of indoor and outdoor video displays. The screen boasts nearly 2.5 million individual LEDs on 156 SLite 10-mm tiles, providing superior quality and sharp on-screen images.

Barco also developed and installed two monochrome amber news-based ticker screens at the crown of the tower that broadcast live news feeds and instant updates to visitors of the Toronto Eaton Centre.

"The outstanding quality of the Barco screen truly enhances the impact of the Toronto Eaton Centre Media Tower, the first of its kind to integrate video, moving signage, scrolling signage, lighting and sound," said Peter Irwin, president of Outdoor Broadcast Network, which directed the tower's design and manages its marketing, operations and sponsorship sales.

In addition to the Barco LED screen and tickers, the tower also includes an integrated audio and lighting system, two TriVision displays and multiple scrolling panels.

Times Square spectacular

While Yonge-Dundas Square is sometimes referred to as Canada's version of Times Square, Barco also recently installed an LED screen in the real Times Square in New York.

The 19.84 x 29.40 foot screen, installed for Clear Channel Spectracolor, is constructed of 90 SLite 10-mm tiles and provides an image size of 600 x 800 pixels.

The display has an IP65 rating, making it nearly impenetrable to the elements, which was fortunate given that the first operation of the screen coincided with the arrival of Hurricane Jeanne in New York City.