Color Kinetics receives further patent coverage for Chromacore

Nov. 3, 2004
Color Kinetics has been awarded yet another patent, one which the company describes as extending the coverage of the core technology underlying its intelligent solid-state lighting systems.
Issued October 19, 2004, US patent number 6,806,659 broadens the protection of the first patent issued to Color Kinetics in January 2000, relating to the company's Chromacore® technology.

Chromacore is a means for adding intelligence, such as a microprocessor, network address or user interface, to solid-state illumination devices.

"We're pleased with the further recognition and protection afforded by this patent, which reflects the pioneering innovation of intelligence merged with solid-state lighting, first introduced to the industry by Color Kinetics," said George Mueller, Chairman and CEO, Color Kinetics.

"We expect that this new patent protection will strengthen Color Kinetics' competitive position in the marketplace."

Color Kinetics now holds 37 issued patents and has more than 120 patent applications pending that range from core technology and products to high-level control systems, complete lighting systems, applications and methods of use.