LED Packaging set for Shanghai in late March

March 2, 2007
The LED Packaging 2007 conference addresses the numerous issues surrounding packaging of high-brightness LEDs.
LED Packaging 2007 March 26-28, 2007 - Hilton Shanghai - Shanghai, PR CHINA The program is now set for Intertech-Pira’s LED Packaging 2007 conference, being held on March 26-28 at the Hilton Shanghai, China, close to developing fabs and HB LED expanding markets. Chaired by Richard Sy of Cotco International, LED Packaging 2007 will feature over 20 expert speakers, instructors and panelists, and an expansive exhibit area.

This second annual three-day conference will bring together leading executives, engineers, and sales and marketing directors involved in the development of materials, components, and equipment for HB LED packaging. The conference will focus on all aspects of packaging: optical, thermal, electrical and mechanical, and how efficiencies can be improved to accelerate the adoption of LEDs in lighting, automotive and display applications.

Key challenges to be discussed include manufacturability, reliability, performance and cost to arrive at optimum system design. The conference will address the most important topics related to high-power LED packaging technologies, specifically selection of materials, architecture, LED chips, advanced packaging equipment and testing, characterization algorithms, and IP-related issues.

LED Packaging 2007 which will bring together key users, materials suppliers, and manufacturers of high-brightness LEDs. Participants will receive a thorough assessment of LED markets, while having ample opportunity to discuss industry issues and network with experts, leading LED executives, and end users in a three-day open-forum format.

Two additional half-day seminars are entitled "What LED Design Engineers and Manufacturers Should Know About One Another" and "In-Depth Study of LED Packaging Challenges". The latter will provide a basic understanding of packaging materials from suppliers providing polythalamide or liquid crystal polymer substrates, die attach adhesive, phosphors, silicone encapsulants, silicone lenses, and dispensing equipment.

For more information, please contact Patricia Kinzer, Conference Director, Intertech Corporation at tel 207-781-9604.