EBV Elektronik establishes LED lighting group

April 6, 2006
EBV Elektronik has launched a European team of lighting specialists to promote LED technology in lighting applications.
EBV Elektronik, a leading specialist in European semiconductor distribution, has set up a special General Lighting Competence Team exclusively for the use of LED technology in lighting applications. The company has extensive experience in the semiconductor market, access to the leading LED manufacturers, and benefits from a strong external partner network.

While ready-made LED lighting systems can be assembled by every experienced electrical installer, developers and manufacturers of LED lights need the technical support of electronic specialists. EBV's General Lighting Competence Team will help lighting manufacturers and their development service providers find the optimal solution. LED solutions are usually specific to each application, as every lighting task is different, and what lighting architects want is the design freedom provided by the highly flexible LED technology, says EBV.

“Neither neon strips nor energy-saving bulbs have managed to oust Thomas Alva Edison’s good old light bulb from the market, and LEDs won’t do it, either,” explains Cordula Carlin, the Business Development Manager for General Lighting Applications at EBV Elektronik. “Nevertheless, LEDs have an immense future in lighting applications, and with EBV Elektronik as their partner, every lighting manufacturer can offer innovative lighting solutions.”

EBV Elektronik will give advice to lighting manufacturers looking for an external partner, such as a firm of engineering consultants, to develop the control electronics for an LED lighting system.

However, EBV Elektronik itself sells only "naked" LEDs and other electronic components, while the system integrators of EBV’s partner network take care of the relevant value creation. These external partners then provide the necessary engineering services – in the fields of electronic design, thermal management and, if required, visual design.

“We make sure that the lighting architects can convert their creative lighting concepts into reality on an LED basis, by supporting the developers in realizing the appropriate control electronics,” says Carlin.

EBV, an Avnet company, is by far the largest supplier of optoelectronics technology in European semiconductor distribution, with a market share of over 40%. Awards - for example, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors as "European Distributor of the Year" in 2004 and 2005 - underline EBV’s leading role in this sector.