Vivid Effect and Sign Connections get XStream

Sept. 25, 2006
Vivid Effect and Sign Connections are teaming up to promote LED-based signage solutions.
Sign Connections, a leading signage firm, has announced a partnership with Vivid Effect Ltd, a UK-based LED lighting specialist, to promote the XStreamSign product range, launched last month. The products -- T-Stream, i-Stream and X-Stream -- range from non-interactive standard effects to fully programmable digital video sign systems.

Vivid Effect works in strategic partnership with LED Effects of Rancho Cordova, California, a manufacturer of leading-edge LED lighting solutions.

Sign Connections and Vivid Effect also launched a website at to support XStreamSign sales in the UK, specifically aimed at the signage sector. The XStreamSign range brings the latest LED advances and even video capability to sign companies and clients who want to differentiate their company or have unusual branding.

The Vivid Effect Stream system runs on a TCP/IP traditional networking backbone and is used in all XStreamSign systems, T-Stream, i-Stream and X-Stream. The Stream system is capable of controlling millions of LEDs, running and streaming video at movie frame rates or higher. It is completely scalable which means that it can be used in the smallest applications up to the largest LED installations in the world.

New products recently launched by Vivid Effects include the Braincell controller, CoolDotz LED pixels, and X-Node network control system (see Vivid Effect raises the bar with new LED Stream products).