Labsphere and Orb Optronix in measurement collaboration

June 5, 2009
Two US-based light measurement companies have announced a far-reaching collaboration to encompass product development, manufacturing and distribution.
Labsphere and Orb Optronix staff Labsphere, based in North Sutton, New Hampshire and Orb Optronix, based in Kirkland, Washington, have announced a collaboration to accelerate the development of LED measurement instruments.

The two companies say they will cooperate on the development of a broad range of new LED, display and light metrology products.

Also, selected Orb Optronix instruments for LED testing will be manufactured at Labsphere’s New Hampshire facility.

Orb Optronix will expand its LED measurement services laboratory with the addition of several Labsphere systems.

In addition, the companies will now share sales channels. Orb Optronix’s LED characterization systems and software will be sold through Labsphere’s worldwide sales organization while Labsphere products will be available through Orb Optronix’s distribution network in the US.

Orb Optronix LED test system Orb Optronix President Dave Jenkins commented, “We’ve developed strong product design relationships with a number of high profile companies through our Engineering Services Group and LED Measurement Laboratory. Now that we are ready to release hardware and software targeted at the LED test and measurement markets, we’ve partnered with the premier light metrology organization and look forward to a long and fulfilling distribution and product development relationship with Labsphere.”

“Dave Jenkins and his partners and associates at Orb Optronix have built a world-class product development organization in an incredibly short time,” adds Labsphere President Kevin Chittim.

“We believe the partnership between Orb and Labsphere will offer our customers incredible benefits in terms of innovation, customer service and value. In addition, Orb’s Washington location will allow us to provide expanded measurement services capability in the Western United States."