Dialight Lumidrives collaborates with Illuma Lighting

Feb. 13, 2008
The new IllumaLED range should provide Lumidrives with access to the professional lighting and wholesale market.
Dialight Lumidrives, the UK-based LED technology provider, has announced a strategic partnership with Illuma Lighting, a leading supplier of architectural lighting to the electrical wholesale market.

The first result of the partnership is the launch of IllumaLED, a range of innovative LED lighting fixtures which come with a five-year guarantee.

Gordon Routledge, managing director of Dialight Lumidrives, said that his company's strength is in supplying technology and fixture-level LED solutions. "Our business strategy is to identify those markets in which we believe LEDs offer a significant value proposition, then choose the right partner to access the market," he said. "Illuma, with their established national network of electrical wholesalers, provide the ideal vehicle for us to access the professional lighting and wholesale market.

Mike Jankowski, Illuma's commercial director, adds; "The current LED market has a wide variation in luminaire quality and a lack of standardisation. We needed to ally ourselves with a partner with a proven track record, which is why we chose to work with Dialight Lumidrives. Their expertise combines everything that is required for quality and reliability, including electronic design, thermal engineering and optical system development."

The IllumaLED range, available from March, includes a number of technical innovations intended to make the products easier to install and specify. The extensive use of driver-on-board technology means the products can be installed using traditional wiring techniques. This was highlighted as a significant barrier to adoption in this market. The products incorporate the latest generation of high powered LEDs and unique micro optics developed by Dialight Lumidrives.

This partnership between Illuma and Lumidrives ensures that the IllumaLED collection has been developed in a totally holistic manner, with all the various elements engineered together, to produce professional LED light sources with good colour rendering, excellent optical control and long life. So confident is Illuma of the reliability of the new collection that it is offering a no-quibble five-year guarantee on the new products. "This is an industry first, as far as we know," said Jankowski.