Nov. 19, 2008
Docter Optics provides advanced projection headlights for automotive applications, as well as products and services that include precision glass components, optical systems, express glass and automotive solutions.
Docter Optics is an internationally recognized OEM partner of the optical industry and the world’s leading supplier of advanced projection headlights for automotive applications. The company’s spectrum of services extends along the entire value chain: The 350 employees of the four Docter Optics competence centers – Precision Glass Components, Optical Systems, Express Glass Services and Automotive Solutions – have the experience and expertise required to take an initial idea to production-ready design and deliver customer-driven solutions.

The company is headquartered in Neustadt an der Orla, which is located in the heart of Germany’s “Optical Valley.” Docter Optics is also present worldwide with branch locations and representative offices in the USA and Japan as well as a production facility in the Czech Republic. First-class references in the areas of biometrics, printing technology, solar energy, machine vision, aviation and automotive illumination testify to our customer- and market-driven experience and expertise. Docter Optics also benefits from close cooperation with partners in research and industry as well as from active participation in leading technology networks for optical professionals. The European Community, the Federal Republic of Germany and the Free State of Thuringia rank among the sponsors of Docter Optics development projects.

Quality plus efficiency: Precision Glass Components
The optical designers and project development specialists of our Precision Glass Components business unit design, develop and produce optical components to customer specifications. This unit’s core competency lies in the production of precision-molded free-form lenses and components with complicated surface geometries for a wide variety of different applications. Docter Optics uses a broad array of production processes – including everything from conventional optical technology to the most advanced precision-molding technology.

Customers can order components ranging in size from 5 to 165 mm in diameter such as, for example:

• Aspheric and spheric lenses
• Lens arrays
• Free-form lenses
• Light pipes
• Optical concentrators
• Prisms
• Mirrors
• High-quality optical coatings

This versatility makes Docter Optics a recognized source of quality optical components.

Optical Systems: A single-source supplier
Docter Optics has been involved in the development and production of lenses for over 20 years. During that time, the bundled resources of our four business units have made it possible to achieve unique synergistic effects that have earned us a reputation not only for optical systems (lenses), but also for the development and production of custom subassemblies.

• Stilar® 2.8/8 super-wide-angle-lens for most recent 1.2" CMOS and CCD sensor chip cameras
• Reflection-free, miniaturized Auto-Tessar® HDR lenses for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and machine vision cameras
• Tevidon® special-purpose CCD lenses
• Optomechanical and optoelectronic subassemblies
• Optical subassemblies

Top-tier services: Express Glass Services
The Docter Optics Express Glass Services business unit produces semi-finished and finished products of optical glass, prototypes, samples and one-of-a-kind components as well as pre-production or limited series for customers worldwide. This business unit also maintains a large inventory of special optical glasses of all types. As a result, Docter Optics is exceptionally agile and can also meet customer needs when applications call for rare types of glass. Our customers benefit from advanced production facilities and the services and skills of specialists who are committed to providing customers all over the world with quick, uncomplicated responses to their needs.

• Band/wire/water-jet/laser cutting of bars, blocks, sheets and rods measuring up to 1000x1000mm
• Inner edge sawing up to 210mm
• Milling/grinding/polishing up to 1000mm
• Outer-edge circular grinding up to 300mm in diameter
• Boring up to 250mm
• Coating

State-of-the-art: Automotive solutions from Docter Optics
Projection lenses of optical glass for automotive headlights make Docter Optics the industry leader in this area. Automated production technology and the DOC3D® process for double-sided precision-molded projection lenses have given Docter Optics a competitive edge that permits short lead times and precise compliance with customer quality specifications. Docter Optics offers a complete array of services that all represent the state of the art in terms of the types of glass used, technology employed and quality.

• Textured aspheric lenses for projection systems (xenon and halogen)
• Free-forms for full-LED and xenon headlights
• Lens arrays
• Coatings, including IR coatings
• Development, design and prototyping of new lens shapes
• Modification of photometric characteristics of lenses for different light sources (halogen, HID, LED) and regional standards (ECE, SAE)
• Reflection-free Auto-Tessar® HDR lenses for driver assistance systems