News in brief: Color Kinetics, GELcore, KoBrite

Nov. 17, 2005
Color Kinetics has another patent, GELcore had a profitable quarter and KoBrite has opened its facility in China.
Another patent for Color Kinetics

Color Kinetics has been awarded US patent number 6,965,205 entitled "Light Emitting Diode Based Products".

The patent application was filed in September 2002 and granted November 15, 2005.

The patent abstract states "Various exemplary implementations of LED-based illumination products and methods are disclosed including, but not limited to, glow sticks, key chains, toys, balls, various game accessories, light bulbs, night lights, wall lights, wall switches, wall sockets, wall panels, modular lights, flexible lights, automotive lights, wearable accessories, light ropes, decorative lights such as icicles and icicle strings, light tubes, insect control lights and methods, and lighted air fresheners/scent dispensers.

Any of the foregoing devices may be equipped with various types of user interfaces (both "local" and "remote") to control light generated from the device. Additionally, devices may be controlled via light control information or programs stored in device memory and/or transmitted or downloaded to the devices (e.g., devices may be controlled individually or collectively in groups via a network, glow sticks or other products may be downloaded with programming information that is stored in memory, etc).

Devices also may include sensors so that the generated light may change in response to various operating and/or environmental conditions or a user input. Various optical processing devices which may be used with any of the devices (e.g., reflectors, diffusers, etc.) also are disclosed."

GELcore in profit

GELcore, the LED lighting joint venture between General Electric Lighting (51% ownership) and Emcore (49%), was profitable in the last quarter, according to Emcore's report for the period ended September 30, 2005.

Emcore said that GELcore "returned to profitability with the completion of the manufacturing move to Mexico."

Emcore's share of GELcore income amounted to $591,000, including a favorable adjustment for taxes.

GELcore's products include traffic lights, channel letters, and other signage and display products that incorporate HB-LEDs. In the near term, GELcore expects to deploy its HB-LED products in the commercial and industrial markets, including medical, aerospace, commercial refrigeration, transportation, appliance, and general and specialty illumination applications.

GELcore financial reporting is on a calendar year basis and anticipates revenues in the $90.0 million range for 2005, according to Emcore's report for the first quarter of 2005.

KoBrite opens facility

KoBrite, the joint-venture company set up by Kopin to mass-produce LED chips, has officially opened its Chinese facilities.

See Kopin's joint venture readies for LED production for more details.