LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards reflect smarter SSL trends (MAGAZINE)

Feb. 19, 2016
Maury Wright and Carrie Meadows report on the 47 solid-state lighting and enabling technology finalists that are under consideration for Sapphire Awards honors in March, in addition to the honor of 'Illumineer of the Year' for a recent brilliant innovation.
MAURY WRIGHT and CARRIE MEADOWS report on the 47 solid-state lighting and enabling technology finalists that are under consideration for Sapphire Awards honors in March, in addition to the honor of 'llumineer of the Year' for a recent brilliant innovation.

The second annual LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards program opened for submissions last August and the industry proved worthy of the challenge, displaying its great skill at pushing past boundaries in solid-state lighting (SSL) technology. In fact, the 2016 categories reflect the past year’s more prominent adoption of intelligent and networked lighting due to advances in controls technology, as well as the remarkable developments in tunable lighting, and expanded capabilities and integrated design attributes of lamps and luminaires represented here. With more than 100 submissions across 15 categories that include SSL enabling technologies and lighting end products, this year’s hopefuls made the judges really work to determine the leaders of the pack.

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Indeed, the Sapphire program is the only industry awards program that recognizes innovation in enabling technologies ranging from LED and OLED sources to thermal, optics, and driver disciplines. Moreover, the end-product categories span the commercial and residential application areas, including outdoor and indoor categories.

As you peruse the list, you may notice some concurrent themes in the recognized products. First, the quality of light in LED and SSL products has reached a level on par with and even beyond legacy lighting. In fact, SSL products can often mimic legacy products. Our Sapphire program certainly recognizes quality of light, but quality of light has almost become a given.

The innovation in the latest SSL products comes from the system-level approach to a lighting product that is a requirement in working with LED sources. Still, the SSL systems are increasingly complex and the architectures being deployed today are the avenue through which the aforementioned network and tunable features are realized. Our selected finalists present among the best examples of such design and implementation in the lighting industry, which are further exemplified by the ‘Illumineer of the Year’ finalists - an individual or team of innovators responsible for developing an especially noteworthy product or technology.

For participation in the program, vendors submitted product spec sheets and images, written descriptions, and other supporting information to explain what makes their products and technologies worthy of an award that recognizes innovation, ease of use, efficiency, reliability, and contribution to profitability. The judges - all experts in LED technology, markets, lighting design, and specification - ranked submissions according to those criteria in a closed process in order to maintain the independent integrity of the reviews.

Product entries were judged on a scale from 1-5 Sapphires. All entrants will receive their scores along with judges’ comments after the winners are honored at the Sapphire Awards Gala dinner on March 2, 2016 in Santa Clara, CA, during the co-located Strategies in Light and The LED Show conferences. Moreover, LEDs Magazine will publish scores for those products receiving 3.5 Sapphires or higher in a feature article after the Gala. The ‘Illumineer of the Year’ will also be announced at the Gala. Revisit the 2015 finalists and find out who took home the inaugural Sapphire Awards at last year’s event.

Sapphire Awards Gala brings together accolades and entertainment

We know everyone is alight with anticipation as to who will be announced as the winners at the Sapphire Awards Gala, but the evening doesn’t stop there. Entertainment will feature comic illusionist “PiP.” Enjoy sparkling conversation with industry peers, judges, and the LEDs and Lighting Group team including Strategies Unlimited, LEDs Magazine, and our excellent event staff! Photos will be taken on our Sapphire carpet. Make your network “blue” with envy and spread the word on social media. #SapphireAwards

Sapphire Awards Program

Indoor Ambient, Track, and Accent SSL Luminaire Design

EcoSense / TROV LED Platform

Selux Corporation / Kju Square

Acuity Brands Lighting / Gotham Incito 2” Family

Connected Residential SSL Lamp Design

Feit Electric / HomeBrite Smart LED Bulbs

Sengled / Pulse Flex Model

Ilumi / ilumi A19 LED Smartbulb

LED Drivers

Daintree Networks, Inc. / Daintree/LG Innotek Wireless Driver

Philips Lighting / Philips Advance Xitanium SR Drivers

Fulham Company, Inc. / All-in-One LED/Emergency Driver

SSL Enabling Technologies

Khatod Optoelectronic / GAIA Optical System for Multi-chip LEDs

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. / LED heat sink HYC Series

Fraen Corporation / Fraen Nested Lens

ICs and Electronic Components for SSL

Littelfuse, Inc. / LSP05/LSP10 Series Surge Protection Device

Texas Instruments / TPS92661-Q1 LED Matrix Manager

Infineon Technologies / ICL8105 and ILD2111 Digital Power 2.0 Driver ICs

Industrial SSL Luminaire Design

Dual-Lite / NEMA 4X Dynamo Emergency Light

Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Division / Champ Linear LED Luminaires

Digital Lumens / DLE Intelligent High Bay Fixtures

Modular LED Light Engines

Xicato / Xicato XIM

Soraa / Optical Light Engine

Bridgelux, Inc. / OLM TM Series of Outdoor Modules

Outdoor SSL Luminaire Design

Architectural Area Lighting / KicK

Kim Lighting / ArcheType X Wall

Spaulding Lighting / Cimarron iTSP

Cree / IG Series LED Parking Garage Luminaire

Packaged LEDs and OLED Panels

Crystal IS / Optan UVC LEDs

Lumileds / Luxeon C Color Line

LG Display / Flexible OLED Light Panel (406 mm x 50 mm)

Specialty SSL Design

GemLight Technologies, LLC / SID Light

Kenall Manufacturing / Indigo-Clean Continuous Disinfection

Unilux Inc / LED Stroboscopic Inspection Lights

SSL Lamp Design

Green Creative / PAR REFINE Series PAR30 LED Lamp

Soraa / VIVID PAR20 10D LED Lamp

Soraa / VIVID BR30 LED Lamp

SSL Network and Control Technologies

Kenall Manufacturing / TekLink Parking Controls

Silver Spring Networks / Silver Spring Smart Street Light Solution

Digital Lumens / LightRules Power

Tools and Tests in SSL Design

Instrument Systems GmbH / Burning Position Correction for Gonio

Osram Opto Semiconductors / PASS - Premium Application Support Services

Vektrex Electronic Systems, Inc. / LM-80 Electronics Tester

Indoor Troffer, Linear, and Recessed SSL Luminaire Design

Metalumen Manufacturing, Inc. / Arches A4 Series

Selux Corp / M36 My White

Dual-Lite / EV4R

Cree / LN4 Suspended Ambient LED Luminaire

Tunable SSL Technology

Finelite, Inc / FineTune White Color Tuning System

Kenall Manufacturing / MedMaster Balance Tunable LED Luminaire

DURABLE Hunke & Jochheim GmbH & Co. KG / LUCTRA Luminaire Series

‘Illumineer of the Year’

Lumileds / Rao Peddada, Sridevi Vakkalanka, Rajat Sharma, Ken Davis, and Richard Gao: Lumileds CSP LED development team

Digital Lumens / Brian Chemel: Digital Lumens LightRules and intelligent lighting portfolio

Kenall Manufacturing / Bill Blackley, Kevin Dahlen, and Joe Welch: Kenall TekLink controls platform