Content management raises profits for LED billboard networks

Oct. 20, 2007
Software technology allows LED screens to display content from multiple sources and can enable a strong return on investment.
LED billboards represent a major investment, so the control and management of content is critical allowing owners to achieve an adequate financial return. A common industry approach is to use a single screen, a single PC and highly qualified IT support. Now, companies are providing end-to-end software-based solutions for management of digital dynamic messaging and signage networks.

One such supplier is C-nario. The company's VP of marketing and sales Rami Bahar says that there is a demand for more targeted, high-impact digital signage campaigns and improved quality. "However," he says "many customers are also battling the high cost of ownership."

C-nario's content management technology is independent of the number, size and location of screens. "We have used standard hardware, such as PC components and graphic cards to reduce the cost-of-ownership," says Bahar.

Control systems are a crucial part of any LED display, particularly for large and expensive networks. "Prices for advertisers are high and there is a critical service level – we can't stop the screen for 2 hours [to correct faults]," says Bahar. "We provide systems with complete redundancy, ensuring 24-7 operation."


This article was published in the September/October 2007 issue of LEDs Magazine.

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