Iota Engineering's ETS emergency control device is NEMA 410 qualified for LED fixtures

May 13, 2016
IOTA'S ETS Emergency Lighting Control Device has been newly redesigned to operate LED fixtures per NEMA 410 requirements, providing increased energy savings and improved lighting control for LED fixtures up to 3 amps continuous.

The IOTA ETS is a UL 924 emergency lighting control device that restores local switching control to LED fixtures on circuits powered by an auxiliary supply such as a generator or inverter. In the event of a power loss, the ETS will shunt the auxiliary power around the local control device or wall switch. This eliminates the need for energy-consuming 'always on' fixtures or night lights, resulting in lower energy consumption and restored functionality of light fixtures for building occupants.

The NEMA 410 standard helps designers and specifiers ensure proper operation and compatibility for LED lighting systems by verifying that equipment is capable of handling varying inrush requirements of the LED load. The NEMA 410 qualification allows the ETS to join IOTA's current family of existing NEMA 410 emergency lighting solutions for LED designs.


Jeff Price, Director of Sales and Product Innovation - Iota Engineering
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