Astera introduces Talkback+ feature on AsteraApp v9.0 for LED entertainment lighting control

April 4, 2016
Just hours after the confirmation of the official release date of its brand new PixelTube, Astera™ announced in its social media platforms that its Android app for LED entertainment lighting control would receive a long awaited update: the latest V9.0.

Thanks to this update, the “100% wireless” LED entertainment lighting fixtures can now send back information to the app to display important information such as individual battery status, DMX address, lighting feedback, etc. But the best feature is still the capacity to address the lamps and them sending a clear feedback, allowing not only a tremendous time-saving during set up but also a much, much more convenient way to work. It is obvious that these new updates are aimed at professionals but it also addresses a more general audience in terms of simplicity in its use. This feature is one among plenty of new ones that will soon be available, confirmed Sebastian Bückle, the German company`s head of Sales and Marketing.

“Astera™ is years ahead of the competition in so many areas, this technology is just the confirmation of what we've been doing since 2007 – Offering an out-of-the-box experience of event lighting technology and most importantly: LEADING INNOVATION”.

Astera™ will be presenting during the ProLight+Sound event in Messe Frankfurt, this 6-9 April and invites professionals and users to discover all the brand new features as well as the launch of the new PixelTube (AX series).

If you can't get all the way to the event, you can still hop in and check out Astera on the Web and follow Astera™ on Facebook!


Tati G. - Astera LED