Tvilight and DeNood work on customized smart LED street lighting controllers in The Hague

Aug. 1, 2016
Tvilight, market leader in intelligent lighting controllers, and De Nood, leading Dutch producer of exclusive classic outdoor lighting, have finalized a joint project in Scheveningen, the seaside residential district of The Hague, the third largest city in the Netherlands and a famous diplomatic and political center. The customized street lighting solution unites two central concepts—attractive design and integrated "intelligence". To achieve such a combination of qualities, the team of Tvilight engineers developed a customized wireless sensor lighting controller, which De Nood then used to retrofit the lantern caps (model Montmartre by Lenzi).

Pieter Visser, Account Manager at De Nood, said: “We combined classic streetlight design with cutting-edge wireless lighting control options. This pioneering concept is at home in The Hague, a beautiful historic city where the newest technology applications complement the rich architectural heritage. Classic streetlight design and integrated intelligence do not have to be mutually exclusive.”

Typically, motion-detecting street lighting controllers are placed externally on the lighting pole. However, in the Scheveningen project, the goal was to preserve the attractive, unique design of the street lights, which required integrating motion-sensing functionality directly into the lantern cap. Despite the technological challenges that such integration posed, the goal was achieved, thanks to the expertise of Tvilight engineers and excellent craftsmanship of De Nood Group.

Henri Eskonen, Lead Product Designer at Tvilight, said: "The challenge was two-fold. First, we needed to make the street lights intelligent and ensure that we could achieve the desired detection parameters. Second, we had the task of integrating our sensors and wireless controllers into the lanterns without disturbing the existing aesthetics. After all, that is why people are attracted to De Nood street lamps in the first place—because they are so beautiful. We wanted to preserve their iconic design as much as possible."

The resulting street lamp design is a context-specific solution that respects the look and feel of the old Scheveningen neighborhood while boasting the latest know-how of intelligent street lighting technology. The integrated motion-sensing controllers enable “on-demand” dynamic lighting, making the lamps adjust their brightness based on real-time human presence, which results in greater energy savings and a more sustainable environment. The Tvilight intelligent lighting solution also serves as a perfect future-proof foundation for Smart City and IoT.

Sander Klijnstra, Head of Public Lighting at the Municipality of The Hague, said:
“In the sphere of public lighting, technology is developing super-fast. That is why when we are choosing an intelligent street lighting solution, we are carrying out pilot projects first to ensure that the system is really future-proof. Right now we are testing several lighting management systems in the industrial area in Zichtenburg, Kerketuinen, and Dekkershoek. In Scheveningen, we are testing a modern Tvilight intelligent lighting system integrated into a classic streetlight design. Furthermore, we are busy developing a vision for street lighting in The Hague. Both this vision and the experience we are obtaining in the pilots will be the basis for future choices we will be making for the public lighting in the city. One thing is clear to me: intelligent street lighting systems will be playing a central role in the future.”


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