Iota Engineering's ETS-20 LED lighting control devices deliver energy savings for emergency fixtures

March 16, 2016
Iota is proud to announce the release of the new ETS-20 and ETS-20-DR Emergency Lighting Control Devices which enable the use of multiple switched LED fixtures on an emergency circuit powered by an auxiliary generator or inverter supply. The Iota ETS-20 and ETS-20-DR provide the ability to use wall switches or other control devices, such as a timer or occupancy sensor, on your designated emergency fixtures. This allows users to turn emergency LED fixtures on and off as they choose, eliminating the excessive power consumption caused by night lights or 'Always ON' fixtures. The ETS-20 and ETS-20-DR lighting control devices are rated to 8 amps for LED fixtures per NEMA 410, enabling the auxiliary supply to power multiple LED luminaires regardless of the control setting during a loss of normal power.

The Iota ETS-20-DR offers even greater control capability by allowing for “Dual Zone Dimming.” The ETS-20 DR features dimming relay leads that allow for the use of two different 0-10V dimming controls. Occupants can now have two zones in a space, such as in a presentation hall, dimmed to their desired levels and, in the event of a power loss, the ETS-20-DR will bypass both dimmer controls to allow the emergency supply to power the designated emergency fixtures in both zones at full output.

Both the ETS-20 and ETS-20-DR are UL Listed and Plenum Rated, and feature a threaded coupling for easy installation to an auxiliary circuit junction box. To assist with application and installation questions, Iota has created an informative ETS-20 Resource Page at which includes an in-depth instructional video explaining the ETS-20 functions, as well as links to complete Product Specification Sheets and an Iota ETS-20 Reference Guide PDF. For further information on Iota’s new ETS-20 Emergency Lighting Control Devices, contact the Iota Sales and Customer Service Team at 1-800-866-4682.


Jeff Price, Director of Sales and Product Innovation - Iota Engineering
+1 (520) 609-1181