Dual-Lite upgrades LiteGear inverters for emergency LED lighting to feature sine wave output

March 29, 2016
LG125 and LG250 LiteGear Inverters Can Now Incur Increased Load Capacity

Greenville, SC – Hubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, announced that Dual-Lite's popular LiteGear inverters have been upgraded to feature true sine wave output, replacing square wave output. In addition, the output capacity of the LG125 has been increased to 125 VA/110W to operate with LED emergency lighting.

A sine wave output inverter is inherently less susceptible to being overloaded by detrimental inrush currents associated with LED drivers. There has been significant demand for sine wave as more and more buildings are outfitted with LED technology.

The LG250S will replace the LG2, and the LG125S, LG125R and LG125T models will replace the corresponding LG1 inverters.

The LG125 and LG250S have been designed to be more tolerant to inrush current. They can typically be loaded with as much as 67 and 33 percent more LED capacity than the previous LG1 and LG2 models.

Dual-Lite has a rich history of working with facility managers, building owners and industrial contractors, specifying engineers, designers and architects to develop products that offer economical emergency AC power for lighting fixtures equipped with incandescent, fluorescent and LED lamps. These upgrades will help customers keep up with the influx of new LED technologies, maintain the aesthetic appeal of the original lighting architecture and eliminate the need for additional emergency units.

Customers will be pleased to hear that LG125 models are actually smaller than the LG1 models. The LG125S, LG125R and LG125T occupy roughly 25 percent, 40 percent and 9 percent less wall and ceiling space respectively, and they all feature easy to install functionality.

Features & Certifications:
• True Sine Wave output models mitigate fixture inrush current, allowing for increased load levels
• Increased output capacity of LG125 from 100 VA/W to 125 VA/110W
• 90 minutes of AC emergency power for full lumen output
• Easy to install
• 1,000 feet wiring distance between inverter and load
• Powers LED, Compact Fluorescent, Linear Fluorescent and Incandescent fixture types
• Operates normally on, normally off or switched loads
• Surface Wall, Recessed Wall and Recessed T-Grid Ceiling mounting for the 125 VA models
• Spectron Self Testing/Self Diagnostics available with square wave 250 VA/W model
• UL 924 Compliant
• LG125T is compliant with UL 2043 for mounting in plenum spaces

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Michael McCullough, Director of PR - Hubbell Lighting