Code Mercenaries' LED-Warrior14 I2C to DALI bridge controller is available in multiple formats

March 24, 2016
The LED-Warrior14 is a I2C to DALI bridge controller. It can send and receive all 16 bit commands and receive 8 bit replies. This allows status requests and deployment of the DALI bus. For simultaneous use of multiple LED-Warrior14 two pins allow the selection of four different I2C addresses and the address can be reassigned by an I2C command.

The LW14-01MOD ready to use module is gavanically isolated from the DALI bus. It can be used as an I2C to DALI bridge. Using multiple LW14-01MOD modules allows a computer to send commands into more then one DALI bus.
LW14-02MOD is a module that extracts its power supply off the DALI bus. It can provide up to 15 mA at 5 V for additional electronics like a RF module. It can be used to build stand alone bridges for wireless to DALI applications.
LED-Warrior14 is also available as a chip in DIL8 or SOIC8 package.

• I2C to DALI bridge
• Supports all 16 bit forward telegrams
• Receives all 16 bit forward telegrams of other masters on the same bus
• Receives all 8 bit reply telegrams
• Power supply off the DALI bus possible
• Available as DIL8/SOIC8 chips, or ready to use modules

DALI is a registered trademark of ZVEI.


Doreen Hessenmöller, Marketing - Code Mercenaries Hard- und Software GmbH