Yaham's Janus LED lighting system uses power line communication technology

Oct. 1, 2015

Yaham's Janus LED lighting system is specially designed for small area LED lighting, such as factory, warehouse, parking lot, and other area applications. With PLC (power line communication) technology, the system needs no extra signal wire (especially suitable for LED lighting retrofits) and the signal passes through the existing power line of the lamp. The system can save more energy and improve management efficiency.

Janus LED lighting system provides the following functions:
1. Manual control: Global dimming, group dimming, one key sense switch, various manual control methods make lighting management much more convenient and efficient
2. Automatic control: All lamps can automatically switch or dim according to the schedule set by the user. This smart automatic function greatly decreases the constant on-off switching of the power.
3. Lighting status inquiry: System shows the status of all lamps in real time, so the user can easily recognize the failure of lamps
4. Energy consumption statistics: Janus LED lighting system can record the energy consumption of all lamps and provide the user a report of the energy consumption at each period
5. Intelligent control solutions:
- Motion sensing: For areas where occupancy is sporadic (such as warehouses, corridors, restrooms), motion sensing control can save a great deal of energy
- Photosensitive switch: For some outdoor lighting, Janus provides a reliable photo-sensitive switch that can sense the illumination value of the environment and accordingly switch on the LED lamp at night and switch off during daytime hours
- Constant illumination control: For some indoor areas that get partial natural light, a constant illumination control solution can automatically dim the lamp according to the change in natural light levels. This can save lots of energy, and also keep the illumination of the area at a stable level

Janus lighting system is the "brain" of the LED lighting, which can manage all lighting systems, control the luminance of every lamp, monitor the lamps’ status, and provide intelligent control, etc. Not only can it save energy but it also reduces labor costs and improves management efficiency. It is an excellent for those who desire an intelligent LED lighting system.


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