AGC Lighting launches LED high bay with ZigBee wireless controls

June 1, 2015
A new era of intelligent LED fixtures is coming and AGC Lighting has launched its new LED high bay with integrated ZigBee wireless lighting control.

There are some unique advantages with ZigBee technology compared to a Wi-Fi controlled LED high bay.

1) Low power consumption for ZigBee
Wi-Fi is mainly designed for big data transmission, such as movies, videos, Internet surfing and so on, all of which would consume a lot of electricity, while ZigBee wouldn’t. For example, a ZigBee remote controller could last 3 years at least with a single battery.

2) High level of security/protection
ZigBee communication adopts 128 bit AES and is typically within an intranet, which is not as easily hacked, while Wi-Fi uses open protocol and there are numerous privacy issues. There are hundreds of instances of Wi-Fi being hacked every year but there are almost none for ZigBee.

3) Strong networking capability
Theoretically, a ZigBee Gateway could connect 65,000 devices while a common router could only connect 253 gadgets maximum.

Here are additional advantages for ZigBee wireless control used in our LED high bay:
1) Free of extra wires besides AC cable
2) Dimmable function
3) Time control function
4) Single light or group light control
5) Compatible with daylight sensors, suitable for applications with skylights

In addition, any single ZigBee LED high bay light could be remotely controlled via 3G or Home Wi-Fi signal at any time and at everywhere. Nowadays, Android and iOS apps are available and users could leverage their smartphones to control the LED high bay. Why don’t you have a try?

About AGC Lighting
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