Noribachi DC-DC LED power supplies cover range of 12-750V

Nov. 30, 2015
HARBOR CITY, CA – Noribachi, a leading U.S.-based custom LED manufacturer for high output commercial and industrial lighting solutions, introduces new DC-DC LED power supplies for all its Bespoke Engineered and Specifically Tailored (BEST) LED lighting fixtures.

A spin-off from the conventional AC-DC drivers, the new range of DC-DC LED power supplies provide the ability to run numerous applications that require DC power intake with a full range of coverage from 12 – 750V. The DC-DC LED power supplies cater to a wide spectrum of DC powered applications including stadiums, offshore platforms, oil rigs, harbors, ports and solar solutions.

The Noribachi DC-DC LED power supplies expand the efficiency of its LED light engines by minimizing the losses related to converting from AC power to DC power as well as optimize the performance by decreasing the heat created by the conversion.

“Our new DC-DC power supplies offer a full DC range from 12–750V. These new power supplies allow us the flexibility to customize our LED lighting applications even further for customers with standard DC power,” says Franklin Dibachi, Director Engineering, Noribachi.

The DC-DC power supplies are now available as an optional upgrade on all Noribachi BEST LED lighting fixtures. For the full more information about the DC-DC power supplies as well as all Noribachi products, visit the company website.


Christy Anderson - Noribachi