Solid Apollo prepares to display LED lighting products and controls at Strategies in Light and The LED Show

Jan. 23, 2015
LED Lighting Company, Solid Apollo LED will be attending the Strategies in Light & The LED Show this February at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas. Solid Apollo representatives will be available to demonstrate the latest products and explain how each product works and how they can be used for any lighting project for enhanced lighting effects and increased energy saving efficiency. Solid Apollo LED has extensive experience in a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED lighting designs, from lighting corporate offices, to developing intricate small lighting fixtures. Solid Apollo strives to be an industry leader, offering premium products at affordable prices, and works to back up each of its products with a full warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee. Solid Apollo will also be at the show to connect with other industry professionals, and to watch for current and upcoming trends, and for new ideas towards future LED lighting products and designs.

Solid Apollo LED will have all the latest products on hand and fully functioning, so anyone visiting the booth can see a demonstration and can even get their hands on the products to see how they operate and how they actually look and feel in person. Solid Apollo specializes in lighting control systems, strip lighting and LED lighting fixtures such as wall washers and outdoor lighting.

Solid Apollo LED will be showing off their expanding line of DMX controllers, where more cost effective and contemporary designs are now available. The latest DMX controller, the DMX Boss Wi-Fi Controller, was created for simple DMX control using any Smartphone or Tablet for up to 8 DMX enabled lighting zones. The DMX Boss includes three lighting control options built into just one device, using Smartphone or Tablet control, using the wall control interface or using the optional remote control. Quickly control DMX enabled lights with the touch of a button, using the color wheel for subtle ambient lighting or with the built in lighting programs for amazing color changing effects. The DMX Boss is the high tech controller for Smartphone or Tablet DMX lighting control.

The SlimDMX is another new DMX controller, and has been created as a contemporary wall mount design for simple control of any DMX enabled LED lighting fixture. The SlimDMX features simple front mount buttons, and the internal memory can store up to 10 different lighting programs using the included software. The SlimDMX is perfect for interfacing with any DMX enabled LED lighting fixture, such as LED wall washers, flood lights, and color changing LED strip lights. A variety of color effects, color chases and dimming can be programed, and lighting effects based on external sensors such as movement detectors can be used. The SlimDMX is the perfect solution and an attractive contemporary controller for simple DMX lighting control.

Solid Apollo will have a variety of LED strip lights on hand and has recently introduced a new white color temperature, Super Warm White, to their expanding line of LED Strip Lights. The Super Warm White has a kelvin color temperature of 2700K, which resembles the exact color of incandescent light bulbs. This new color is perfect for incorporating or replacing current incandescent lighting, as it will not alter the current colors where the strip lighting is placed. The Super Warm White color has a hint of amber in the color, and is perfect for lighting areas where more earth tones and wood colors are present. The Super Warm White LED Strip Light is currently available in several different brightness levels for various LED lighting projects, and each strip comes with durable double sided tape for a fast and hassle-free installation.

Come see Solid Apollo LED this February at the Strategies in Light & The LED Show in Las Vegas to see their extensive line-up of vibrant energy saving lighting solutions. Solid Apollo LED strives to bring the latest premium LED lighting products to everyone at affordable prices, and backs up each of its products with a full warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. Solid Apollo manufactures and distributes a wide range of LED lighting products and offers free shipping on orders over $150, with excellent customer service and knowledgeable technical advice.


Solid Apollo LED

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