LTP and CK light stairwell in entertainment complex

Nov. 16, 2004
LTP has used Color Kinetics fixtures to light a central stairwell and three floors of a new shopping, leisure and entertainment complex in the UK.
Lighting Technology Projects (LTP) has designed, supplied and installed Phase 1 of a bold architectural lighting scheme to illuminate an impressive central stairwell and three floors of the new Cornerhouse shopping, leisure and entertainment complex in Nottingham, UK.
Cornerhouse stairwell The Ethernet-controlled lighting scheme involves Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 LED fixtures and Martin MiniMAC Maestro gobo projectors.

The thriving Cornerhouse offers a complete night out, with bars, restaurants, a 14-screen cinema and the biggest nightclub in town, all under one roof.

LTP?s brief was to produce a discreetly placed, low-maintenance, energy-efficient lighting scheme to enhance the energy and life within the building, and ultimately to attract more people.

As part of the design created by LTP's Terry Reeves, the ground, first and second floors of the building are each illuminated with six ColorBlast 12s, strategically positioned on the exterior face of the stairwell drum. They are mounted here for aesthetics - to keep the fixtures low profile and out of sight - and also to maximise the throw distance.
Cornerhouse exterior

The futuristic, steep, white dramatically sloping sides of the escalators are lit on both external faces by a total of 12 ColorBlast 12s. i.e. one pair of fixtures per side.

The top floor of the building functions as a service and office floor, and on the stairwell drum's ceiling is a fabric skin, which is up-lit with a further 8 ColorBlast 12s on the top floor.

Reeves specified the CK fixtures for their even coverage and controllability and the Martins for their reliability, cost-effectively and because they were exactly right for the task.

The lighting system is controlled by a CK Light Engine, an Ethernet based controller for control of up to 30,000 data lines. This leaves plenty of room for the future expansion of the lighting scheme. The CK fixtures are all RGB and so consume 3 channels each.

Ethernet is a highly practical and economic way of data cabling the installation, with one box wrapping entire building, and Ethernet to each fixture run from there, with a hub on each floor.

The Light Engine is fully astronomically enabled, and programmed to switch on and off and run different sequences at various times. LTP has also supplied Cornerhouse with an 8-button recall pad for manual override.