Recent LED event reports

March 14, 2004

Lightfair International
May/June 2006: Las Vegas, USA
Lightfair International - no shortage of LEDs in Vegas (Jun 06)
LED manufacturers and lighting suppliers were out in force at this year's Lightfair showcase in Vegas.
LED companies win awards at Lightfair International (Jun 06)
Several LED companies were honored at Lightfair, the annual lighting show in the US.

May 2006: Birmingham, UK
EuroLED conference pulls together European LED community (Jun 06)
Last week's highly successful EuroLED conference positions the event as a highlight of the LED calendar.

April 2006: Frankfurt, Germany
LEDs in Frankfurt: Light+Building in review (May 06)
There were plenty of LEDs and related products on show at this year's Light+Building event - these are some of them.
LED makers unveil latest advances at L+B (May 06)
Lighting with white LEDs is now becoming a reality, as manufacturers at the recent Light+Building trade show demonstrated.
LED luminaires and other products at L+B (May 06)
Highlights included a 20,000 lm luminaire from Siteco, individual LED spotlights from Philips and luminaires based on TIR's Lexel technology from Zumtobel and Spectral.

LED China 2006
March 2006: Guangzhou, China
LED CHINA 2006 rated a success

Intelligent Interior LightingJanuary 2006: Munich, GermanyInterior LED lighting signifies driver luxury and comfort (Mar 06)LEDs are one of several technologies that are starting to be using for interior ambient lighting in vehicles, ranging from top-end luxury cars to long-haul aircraft.

Intertech LEDs 2005
October 2005: San Diego
Delegates highlight required improvements in LED lighting
The annual LEDs event organized by Intertech took place in San Diego in October, with a diverse range of subjects ranging from standards and infrastructure for the solid-state lighting industry to plant growth using LEDs.

Next LED Generation (Lighting magazine)
September 2005: London
LEDs in the mainstream: technical hurdles and standardization issues
A recent conference in the UK focused on the latest developments in LEDs and the ways in which they can be moved into the mainstream lighting market. Tim Whitaker reports.

PLASA 2005
September 11-14, 2005: London, UK
LED products pack a punch at PLASA
The PLASA show, which took place at London's Earls Court, was packed with LED products, although true novelty was thin on the ground.

Fifth International Conference on Solid State Lighting
August 2005: San Diego, California
LED experts converge at the Solid State Lighting conference
General illumination, white LEDs and pulse-width modulation were among the subjects discussed during the Fifth International Conference on Solid State Lighting, writes David Nicol.

LEDs – Lighting the Way Forward
April 20-21, 2005 : Birmingham, UK
UK LEDs workshop focuses on technology and applications

China International Forum on Solid-State Lighting (CIFSSL’05)
April 12-15, 2005 : Xiamen, China
China conference highlights LED industry developments

LightFair International 2005 tradeshow
April 2005: New York, USA
LED products pick up awards at LightFair
LightFair part 1 - White LEDs and light engines
LightFair part 2 – High-power LED suppliers

Arc05 trade show
February 14-15, 2005: London, UK
Arc05 show unveils new architectural lighting directions

Strategies in Light 2005
February 7-9, 2005: California, USA
Displays and signs call for improvements in green and white LEDs
Panel points to developments in high-power LEDs
LED market grew 37% to reach $3.7 billion in 2004

Bright Ideas 2004
November 16, 2004: Boston, MA, USA
LEDs provoke Bright Ideas among investors

LEDs: Putting theory into practice - meeting the design and performance challenges (Lighting magazine)
November 10-11, 2004: Brussels, Belgium
Brussels conference sprouts better understanding of LEDs

LDI-Entertainment Technology Show 2004
October 2004: Las Vegas, USA
LEDs light up Las Vegas at the ETS-LDI show

Intertech LEDs 2004
October 2004: San Diego, USA
LED manufacturers reveal performance records, new high-power products
Clothing, ceilings and submarines all use LEDs

PLASA 2004
September 2004: London, UK
LED floodlights and panels attract lighting professionals at PLASA

SPIE Annual Meeting 2004
Fourth International Conference on Solid State Lighting 2004

Strategies in Light 2004
Strategies in Lights 2004: HB-LED market showed 47% growth in 2003

LEN conference, January 2004 (Lighting magazine)
LEDs Conference 2004 (London): Lighting community outlines challenges for LED industry

Intertech LEDs 2003
Intertech LEDs 2003 report: Backlights, airports and vehicles provide market impetus

Strategies in Light 2003
Strategies in Light 2003 (part 1): Mobile applications prompt strong growth in LED market
Strategies in Light 2003 (part 2): Innovations push white LEDs towards new applications


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