Osram unveils LED modules and slim downlights

March 17, 2010
The PrevaLED downlight is described as a future-proof platform for LED illumination, while the QOD is suitable for constrained spaces, such as cabinets, shelves or wardrobes.
PrevaLED Osram has introduced PrevaLED Core, a range of LED light engines which are described as “an efficient and future-proof platform for LED illumination.” The modules, which all have the same interfaces and dimensions, should help to reduce both development effort and time-to-market for luminaire developers.

Irrespective of the lumen output, the round modules have the same dimensions (50mm diameter). Options range from 800 lm to 3000 lm at a system efficiency of up to 75lm/W, with color temperatures of 3000K or 4000K.

Osram says that the system features “outstanding light quality” with a color rendering index (CRI) >90, without compromising system efficiency. “Active control reduces the tolerances between individual light engines below the limit of visual perception,” says the company.

The modular, common form-factor approach is intended to enable luminaire manufacturers - - to significantly reduce the effort of developing new luminaires, despite the fast development cycle of LED technology. Design ideas can be evaluated and realized much quicker, at lower cost.

Lighting with QOD The design means that light engines with the same lumen output will be available for years, independent of increased LED efficiency. This should in theory permit luminaire makers to develop future-proof designs.

The light engines have a wide beam angle of 140° and are said to be ideally suited for light-shaping with reflectors. The light engines can be flexibly combined with various types of control gear, allowing the simple integration of additional functions such as dimming, if required. Osram says that the light engines are ideally suited for use in downlights and spots of various output powers.

QOD slim downlights

Osram has also introduced the QOD, a new 16-LED downlight that can be fitted almost anywhere with the minimum of effort. At only 8mm in height, and 70x70-mm square, these lamps are designed to provide accent lighting in home environments, in areas that have with limited space, such as cabinets, shelves or wardrobes.

QOD downlight The QOD kit includes three downlights with a slim junction box, which also contains the main switch, as well as a 12V DC mains-connection power supply. Further QODs are also available, and a maximum of five QODs can be connected to a distributor using a heavy-duty plug.

The warm white light of the 3.5W lamps is low-glare, emitted at a 45° angle and achieves around 170lm.