SemiLEDs and NeoPac demonstrate 60 lm/W light engine

Jan. 18, 2006
Two companies have collaborated to demonstrate an LED light engine with an output of more than 240 lumens.
SemiLEDs Corporation and NeoPac Lighting have collaborated to demonstrate high-lumen, high-efficacy LED light engines using SemiLEDs' chips in a NeoPac fixture.

Four SemiLEDs’ MvpLED (SL-V-B40AA) chips, packaged in NeoPac’s point-light-source NeoBulb Light Engine and operating at 4W, produced more than 240 lumens. The luminous efficacy is over 60 lumens per watt. The companies claim this demo is nearly 50% brighter than the currently commercially available products in the market.

"By manufacturing and selling LEDs capable of producing over 60 lm/W in multiple-chip packages, we believe SemiLEDs is setting a new benchmark in the industry," said Trung Doan, CEO of SemiLEDs Corporation.

US-based SemiLEDs has successfully developed and commercialized metal-base-vertical-structure LEDs (see SemiLEDs introduces MvpLEDs with metal alloy substrate).

The companies have also demonstrated larger light engines. “By using eight chips NeoPac package platform, a NeoBulb Light Engine operating at 8W can produce more than 460 lumens or a luminous efficacy of over 58 lumens per watt,” said Jeffrey Chen, President and CEO of NeoPac Lighting, adding that the LEDs' junction temperatures are limited to only 60 °C.

Trung Doan claims that SemiLEDs’ MvpLED technology has "crossed the price-to-performance barrier necessary to enable adoption of LEDs into the illumination market."

Doan says that SemiLEDs can supply MvpLED (SL-V-B40AA) chips in production today for 60 lumens per $1.00.