Enfis LED light engines break performance records

March 22, 2006
Multi-watt LED light engines developed by Enfis have demonstrated power densities of up to 500 lm/cm2 for a white package with 8000 lm output.
Enfis, an LED module manufacturer based in Swansea, UK, has announced impressive performance results for its next-generation Smart MW-LED (Multi-Watt LED) light engine technology.
Enfis white light engine

The company has demonstrated the capability for world-beating luminous power density of 500 lm/cm2 in a package emitting over 8000 lumens of white light from a 16 cm2 aperture.

White light can also be produced using a combination of four individually-addressable colours (red, green, blue, amber) to create up to 4.3 billion individual colours including a large range of white colour temperatures.

In red, Enfis has demonstrated a radiant power density of 8000 mW/cm2 from an array producing 4000 mW from a 7x7 mm aperture, which is equivalent to 1800 lm/cm2 luminous power density.

Download the Enfis press release, containing more details (PDF, 100K)

"Enfis has been developing MW-LED light engine technology over the last three years, and the amount of light that can be generated using MW-LED technology has been constantly increasing during this development phase," said Gareth Jones, CTO of Enfis.

Jones explains that one of the most important aspects of achieving higher brightness and higher power density levels in MW-LED light engines is dealing with the heat generated. "The Enfis approach to light engine production is the integration of the MW-LED arrays with low thermal resistance and efficient thermal management systems, leading to the ability to drive the arrays at much high powers than traditional LED offerings," says Jones.

Simply purchasing commercial LEDs and fitting them into systems is not sufficient to achieve the high brightness or high powers demonstrated by Enfis, says Jones. "Our Innovative MW-LED arrays are integrated into light engines to deliver light where it's needed in a reliable and controllable manner."

Enfis is now offering a set of standard product platforms for lighting applications based around light engines that incorporate Smart MW-LED arrays integrated with thermal management, optics and electronics. Enfis also supplies custom solutions for volume applications.

Performance comparison

Enfis' MW-LED packages compare extremely favourably with other commercial packages supplied by Lamina Ceramics and Lumileds, as shown in the Table. Headline figures include a radiant light power density of 3700 mW/cm2 from the MW-200-RED array, and 8250 lm of white light from the MW-400-RGBA smart array. The Enfis MW-400 light engine products are suitable for operation up to 600 watts.

In addition, Enfis says that its next generation MW-LED arrays are already being manufactured for prototype approval, and these are expected to give more than 50% increase in the luminous and radiant power densities over the MW-400 white light figures discussed above.