UL becomes testing center for Zhaga LED modules

Feb. 29, 2012
UL will be able to test LED light engines according to a range of specifications defined by the Zhaga consortium.
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has been named as a Zhaga authorized testing center, according to a UL press release. Zhaga is a cooperative industry organization aimed at the development of standard specifications for the interfaces of LED light engines.

"UL has been a trusted member and supporter of the Zhaga consortium for many years and we are very proud to be named a Zhaga authorized testing center," said Alberto Uggetti, Vice President and General Manager, UL Lighting. "This authorization underscores UL's position as a key player in driving standardization and test compliance in the LED and lighting space."

Zhaga creates interface specifications for LED light engines with the goal to promote interchangeability of light engines made by different manufacturers. Interchangeability is achieved by defining interfaces for a variety of application-specific light engines.

UL will now be able to test customers’ light engines according to the specifications defined by Zhaga.

Zhaga standards cover the physical dimensions, as well as the photometric, electrical and thermal behavior, of LED light engines. Standardization is expected to prevent market fragmentation into incompatible products.

UL will offer this new testing service either separately or as a bundle with other UL lighting-industry services such as Energy Star testing, performance testing and safety certification.