Hubbell announces LED street light fixture and retrofit kit

Nov. 17, 2011
Hubbell Outdoor Lighting has announced a new LED street light and an SSL retrofit kit for legacy lights, that both use a light engine developed in partnership with Hella.
Hubbell Roadway RF LED Retrofit Kit

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting announced the Roadway RM LED Series of cobra-head street lights, and the Roadway RF LED Retrofit Kit for upgrades of legacy lighting in NEMA-compliant fixtures. Both are based on light-engine technology jointly developed by Hubbell and Hella. Hella is manufacturing the light engine in its Flora, Illinois facility.

Hubbell is integrating the light engine into its new RM series and delivering a complete roadway light for deployment in new-installation or luminaire-replacement scenarios. Alternatively, Hubbell will supply the retrofit kit based on the light engine for direct replacement of legacy lighting sources in cobra-head fixtures manufactured by Hubbell, American Electric, Lithonia, GE Lighting, and others.

Hubbell Roadway RM LED Series

The light engine operates over a universal range of 120-277 VAC. The 68W design delivers 6087 lm. Hubbell says that the roadway series will typically serve in place of 100-150W high-pressure-sodium (HPS) or mercury-vapor fixtures. The retrofit kit is designed as an upgrade for 100-175W legacy lamps.

The light engine integrates 48 LEDs, each with total internal reflection (TIR) optics that form a Type II beam pattern. The design features a 4800K CCT and delivers 89 lm/W in efficacy. Hubbell projects an L90 life of 48,000 hours and L70 life in excess of 100,000 hours.