Thomas Research announces line-voltage AC-LED light engines

Dec. 3, 2013
After recently entering a strategic partnership with Lynk Labs, Thomas Research Products has moved quickly to add a broad array of line-voltage, AC-LED light engines to its portfolio with availability slated for early 2014.

Thomas Research Products (TRP) has announced a broad line of AC-LED light engines that can be powered directly from a 120V line based on technology obtained from Lynk Labs in a strategic partnership announced in mid November. The solid-state lighting (SSL) modular light engines include square, linear, and round models, along with chip-on-board (COB) LEDs supplied with a separate tiny AC-LED driver module.

While the initial TRP announcement appears to be a simple duplication of parts of the Lynk Labs portfolio, the speed at which the company moved is impressive. Already there is a robust web-based presentation of the portfolio along with a promise to deliver products in volume next quarter.

TRP is better known for selling LED drivers and other types of ballasts for the lighting industry. The company has offered one family of LED-based canopy light engines integrated with a driver. In addition, TRP had worked with Lynk Labs selling AC-low-voltage power supplies and LED light engines. But the mains-powered LED products immediately become the largest component of TRP's light-engine portfolio.

Round light engines range from 1.5W, 36-mm products to 20W, 144-mm products. The portfolio includes an 18W, 8-in. square model and linear products in 12W and 24W versions. Product developers can choose from CCTs ranging from 2200K through 5700K with some models reaching 100-lm/W efficacy at CRI greater than 80.

The COB LEDs are sold in kit form along with an AC-LED driver module. The COBs measure 23×26 mm and come in 12W, 20W, and 30W models. The AC COB LEDs look like their DC counterparts, but the on-chip connections are designed specifically for the AC driver. The driver modules produce a rectified AC signal and are only slightly larger than the LED measuring 21.9×35.6 mm.

All of the AC-LED products work with triac and other phase-cut dimmers. Both the COB and some of the round light engines are offered in a warm-dimming version that mimics incandescent halogen dimming. TRP will also offer 230V versions of the products.