Cree announces driver compatibility program for LED modules, launches MR16 lamp

Cree has launched a Driver Compatibility Program to support its SSL modular light engine business that will give luminaire developers greater choice in form factor and flexibility for different electrical systems around the globe, while Cree Lighting separately launched an LED MR16 retrofit lamp family.

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Cree has instituted a new Driver Compatibility Program for its LED-based modular light engines that allows luminaire designers freedom of a larger choice of drivers and Cree warranty coverage on the light engine. On the lighting front, Cree Lighting announced 35W- and 50W-equivalent MR16 retrofit lamps with what it says is an industry-top center beam candle power (CBCP).

Cree LMH2 module and driver

The Driver Compatibility Program is initially applicable to the LMH2 solid-state lighting (SSL) modules. Participating companies include AC Electronics, Code Mercenaries, Harvard Engineering, Inventronics, Lutron, NMB Technologies, Opulent Solutions, Phihong, Roal Electronics, Thomas Research Products, and Xenergi Limted. Cree plans to extend the program both to other modular products and more driver companies.

The primary benefit of the program is flexibility for luminaire makers that use Cree modules. "Cree’s Driver Compatibility Program enabled us to find a driver that meets a customer’s specific dimming requirement," said Fred Farzan, president of Nora Lighting. "Because of the program, we solved the customer’s problem and won the business."

The program will allow luminaire makers the flexibility of choosing drivers that are compatible with different electric systems around the globe. Moreover, the broader choice can provide flexibility in form factor.

Warranty benefits

Previously, Cree limited its warranty coverage on modular products to luminaire designs that also utilized Cree drivers. The new program does include Cree drivers in the approved list. But the warranty coverage now applies equally to luminaires that use other drivers in the program.

The result of the program could be an expanded market for the Cree modules. "We're pleased to take part in Cree’s Driver Compatibility Program, which helps build a larger ecosystem for customers," said John LaCorte, national sales manager of Thomas Research Products. "It offers a new level of confidence in selecting Cree LED products and compatible, highly reliable LED drivers from Thomas Research Products. This can speed time to market for customers that design LED luminaires."

Complete information on the new program is available on the Driver Compatibility Program (DCP) website. On that page there are links for driver companies to register to submit a driver product to the program as well as to the approved driver listings.

MR16 lamp

Meanwhile in the retrofit lamp space, Cree announced the LM16 family of MR16 retrofit lamps. The company says that the 25° product offers the industry's highest CBCP – 1995 cd for 35W-equivalent lamps and 2650 cd for 50W equivalent lamps.

The performance is enabled in part by the use of a single LED – the Cree MT-G2 LED. The small single source allows for better beam control. You can find more details about the LM16 family in a longer article on our Illumination in Focus website.

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