Dialight demonstrates integrated solid-state light engine

April 28, 2005
At the recent LightFair show, Dialight demonstrated its LED-based light engine, which has been incorporated into theatrical and architectural fixtures.
Built around a patented optical system, Dialight has produced a solid-state light engine with a flux density of 1,214 lumens per square inch featuring no color fringing from a hard-edge focus projection even from a gobo (template) pattern.
Long Throw Light Engine At the recent LightFair International show, Dialight demonstrated an instrument for both spot lighting and flood beam projection, which, when coupled with frontal secondary optics, will provide 6,000 lumens in a 500-watt solid-state LED package.

The multi-channel RGBA (red, green, blue and amber) instrument features industry-leading Luxeon high-brightness LEDs from Lumileds and allows for complete control of color mixing of more than one billion colors featuring SpectraMix™ color specification protocol.

SpectraMix references industry-standard color by Rosco and provides exact CIE x-y coordinate specifiable color, repeatable fixture-to-fixture regardless of light engine composition, exactly as required over time. SpectraMix, available to the entertainment industry through exclusive agreement with Rosco Laboratories, Inc., is capable of controlling thousands of instruments through multiple communication protocols.

This unique optical approach totally eliminates color fringing - the separated colored edges often seen around shadows from other RGB lighting instruments. The color coordinates remain constant when dimmed, allowing unprecedented color reliability for entertainment venues.

Light engine used in Hydrel architectural fixtures

Dialight has also applied the technology to underwater and in-grade applications. At LightFair the company exhibited the first two lighting instruments developed in close cooperation with Hydrel, a division of Acuity Lighting Group, Inc., market leader in pool, fountain and in-grade lighting fixtures.

Hydrel luminaire “The luminaires are the perfect marriage of our core competencies, Dialight in solid state lighting and Hydrel’s line of professional grade outdoor lighting products and their applications,” said Dave Crookham, Director of Marketing and Sales of Hydrel. “We offer these instruments as effective proof of the future of solid state lighting in creating a new paradigm in lighting design. Finally, a full dynamic color palette is available to the designer through our robust compact fixtures.”

“Our Integrating Chamber Light Engine is one unique optical solution we offer to luminaire manufacturers which eliminates pixelization often seen from SSL instruments,” said Mark Roush, VP of Illumination Futures for Dialight. “We see it as a standard scaleable module that will be attractive in many architectural venues where serious light output is desired.”

SpectraMix compensates for LED variations

SpectraMix is both a hardware and software development that incorporates several feedback mechanisms and algorithms to compensate for the inherent variation of high-brightness LEDs and their color performance over time. Claiming exact color matching to Rosco coordinates for both standard halogen and daylight references, SpectraMix can instantly and repeatedly produce specifiable CIE x-y coordinate color in every lighting instrument produced. Garrett Young, Chief of Engineering at Dialight, said, “We have taken great strides in making sure our color specification integrity can hold up to the scrutiny of the most demanding lighting designer. SpectraMix incorporates multiple feedback mechanisms and algorithms in order to monitor, maintain, and accurately repeat specified color in a reliable and robust way.” Dialight president and CEO Roy Burton said, “Lighting designers are only now able to see the proof that solid-state lighting can and will replace conventional lighting instruments in the near future. We are confident that we can produce specifiable repeatable color in the Rosco palette for this and any future lighting instrument we produce.”