Color Kinetics and Litecontrol announce OEM agreement

Oct. 21, 2005
Litecontrol will adopt Color Kinetics’ Digital Light Engines and control technology to enter the intelligent solid-state lighting market
Color Kinetics has announced an OEM agreement with Litecontrol Corporation, merging the respective strengths of the two Massachusetts-based lighting companies.

Litecontrol, a leading architectural lighting manufacturer for nearly 70 years, will now enter the intelligent solid-state lighting market by applying Color Kinetics’ technology, expertise and intellectual property for a unique LED-based product line.

Litecontrol’s record of innovation includes the development of many widely used interior architectural fixtures. Recognizing the increasingly prevalent role of LEDs in architectural lighting, Litecontrol will expand its product portfolio with three LED-based offerings that are readily adaptable to common lighting environments, including pendant fixtures and wall sconces.

The products will be based on Color Kinetics’ versatile Digital Light Engines (DLEs), which apply patented Chromacore® technology to efficiently generate colored light and color-changing effects. They will also be compatible with Color Kinetics’ line of intuitive controllers, providing a complete, integrated system for diverse applications, from wall washing to cove and accent lighting.

Litecontrol’s first offering of Chromacore-based products from the LC-Euro Collection are slated for availability in spring 2006.

“This agreement marks a natural collaboration between respective leaders in architectural lighting systems and intelligent solid-state lighting technology,” said Veda Ferlazzo Clark, President and CEO, Litecontrol. “Our commitment to developing innovative, high-quality lighting systems is reflected by our decision to partner with Color Kinetics, whose proven LED technologies are helping to shape the future of lighting itself.”

“LEDs have crossed over from a promising technology to a proven, energy-efficient source for illumination. As such, LED-based systems are more readily adopted by the specification community,” said Bill Sims, President and CEO, Color Kinetics. “Litecontrol understands the sophisticated demands of this customer base, and we’re pleased to enable their new LED-based product line with the quality and performance for which both companies are known.”