Workshop addresses key aspects of high-power LED packaging

Sept. 28, 2005
IMAPS has assembled an excellent agenda for its workshop to discuss packaging issues for high-power LEDs.
The Advanced Technology Workshop on Packaging & Assembly of Power LEDs takes place at Dinah's Garden Hotel in Palo Alto, California USA on October 25 - 28, 2005.

Organized by the International Microelectronics And Packaging Society (IMAPS), the comprehensive program covers novel packaging concepts, heat spreading, adhesives, solders, encapsulants and many other areas.

Download full agenda and registration form (PDF, 39k)

Workshop addresses key aspects of high-power LED packaging

Session 1: Market Drivers and Overview (Wed pm)
* Future Trends in Solid State Lighting - Lumileds Lighting LLC
* Defining, Designing and Executing LED Systems for General Illumination - Philips
* Bringing it All Together – The Basics of Building an LED Module/Assembly - Lumileds Lighting LLC
* Thermal Management of an LED Light Engine for Airborne Applications - Rockwell Collins, Inc.
* Practical Considerations in High Power LED Junction Temperature Measurements- Thermal Engineering Associates

Session 2: Substrates and Heat Spreading Materials I (Thurs am)
* Composite Baseplates and Components for High Power LED Applications - DS&A, LLC
* Benefits of Insulated Metal Substrates for High Power LED Applications- Bergquist Company
* A High Thermal Efficiency Substrate Solution for LEDs - T.T. Electronics, IRC Advanced Film Division

Session 3: Novel Packaging Concepts (Thurs am)
* Development of a Chip-on-Board LED Package Module for High Power Applications - Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
* Self-Convectional High Power LED - Industrial Technology Research Institute
* New Electronic Package Incorporating Eutectic Attached Devices in a Moisture Resistant Air Cavity Plastic Package - RJR Polymers Inc.

Session 4: Adhesives and Solders (Thurs pm)
* Selecting Adhesives for LED Attach - Engineered Materials Systems Inc.
* Thermal Interfacing in LED Applications: Solder Based Solutions - Indium Corporation of America
* New Bonding Materials Providing Improved Thermal Conductance - Aguila Technologies, Inc.

Session 5: Encapsulants (Thurs pm)
* A Characterization of Yellowing Caused by UV Radiation on Silicone Encapsulants, and Improvements in Future Materials - NuSil Technology LLC
* Silicone Materials Development for LED Packaging - Dow Corning Corporation
* Jetting: A New Paradigm in Dispensing – Asymtek

Session 6: Thermoelectric Concepts for High Heat Flux Spreading (Fri am)
* Micropelt: Silicon Platform Technology for Thermoelectric Devices - Infineon Technologies AG
* Solid-State Cooling for Optoelectronics Thermal Management - University of California -Santa Cruz

Session 7: Substrates and Heat Spreading Materials II (Fri am)
* Manufacture of High Thermal Conductivity (+700W/mK) Al-Graphite Composites with Reaction Bonded Carbide Formation to Improve Wetting - University of Massachusetts - Lowell
* GaAs LED Thermal Management by Wafer Level Bonding to Si by Microwave Selective Heating Technology - Microwave Bonding Instruments
* Direct Copper Bonded Ceramic Substrates for use with Power LEDs - Curamik Electronics GmbH