WEBCAST: Essentials for Designing LED Luminaires

April 11, 2008
This Webcast discusses the key design factors that need to be considered when building LED-based luminaires.
Title: Essentials for Designing LED Luminaires

Presenter: Scott Riesebosch, President and Founder, CRS Electronics

Originally Broadcast: Tuesday 29 April 2008

ARCHIVES: This Webcast is now available on demand. Click here to access the archived event.


LED light sources offer numerous potential advantages for illumination applications. However, without proper consideration of the many crucial factors affecting the long-term performance of LED luminaires in lighting applications, the design effort can be wasted.

This webcast explores the essential considerations and requirements when designing LED-based luminaires, so that the end product can match customers’ expectations for solid-state lighting technology. The presenter, Scott Riesebosch, is president of CRS Electronics, a Canadian company with over 10 years experience in manufacturing LED-based light engines, optics and thermal management solutions.


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Among the main subject areas to be covered will be:

  • Unique challenges of designing an LED fixture vs. other lighting technologies
  • Importance of optimizing every piece of the puzzle
  • All LEDs are not created equal
  • Making accurate performance claims
  • Testing at the fixture level, not at the LED level
  • CRI - What is it really and why is it important?
  • LEDs may not be the weakest link in your fixture
Scott Riesebosch is the President of CRS Electronics, an electronic contract manufacturer that specializes in LED sub-assemblies. Mr. Riesebosch has been a speaker at a number of conferences, educating businesses and consumers in an effort to assist them in making better and informed purchasing decisions regarding LED technology.

Mr. Riesebosch has a degree in electrical engineering from McMaster University and has been designing and manufacturing high output LED light engines and luminaries since 1998 when the first high output LEDs came to market.

CRS Electronics has been building LED light engines for 10 years, ever since the emergence of high output LEDs. CRS is the LED contract manufacturer of choice for more than 50 leading lighting companies
with applications including aviation, architectural, retail signage/display, automotive, theatrical, home décor, underwater, flashlights, emergency vehicles, law enforcement, fire fighting, navigation, casino slot machines, and many more. This cross pollination of experiences enables CRS to bring innovation and experience to their application, getting them to market sooner and more effectively. For more information, please visit www.crselectronics.com.