ERG Lighting's driverless AC-LED module will be on display at SIL 2016

Feb. 15, 2016
ERG Lighting, a division of Endicott Research Group, Inc., has partnered with Photalume to develop a revolutionary driverless AC-LED light module with a significantly lower flicker index than any other driverless LED module on the market. Part of ERG Lighting’s new “eLumination Series” of LED modules, this light module has a flicker index of 15% while maintaining power factor greater than 90% and an efficacy of up to 120 lumens/watt. When used with a trailing edge or Electronic Low Voltage (ELV) dimmer, this new light module can be dimmed smoothly to less than 3% brightness. All models operate directly off 120VAC mains and are designed to meet Energy Star requirements.

Driverless AC-LED light modules are a convenient, economical replacement for traditional LED light sources that require both an AC-to-DC driver and a DC LED light module. However, most driverless modules that promise long life and quick return-on-investment have been plagued by high flicker which has greatly hampered their adoption by the marketplace. ERG Lighting’s proprietary design (patent pending) eliminates the need for a costly IC and reduces the flicker index by half of that reported by most commercial AC-LED light modules. The result is an LED light module with no perceptible flicker and very long life.

ERG Lighting will be demonstrating their 4” round 14-watt light module at Booth 1034 during the 2016 Strategies in Light/The LED Show in Santa Clara, CA from March 1-3. This package is ideal for downlighting applications. The circuit’s inventor, Dr. Peter Shackle, founder of Photalume, will be giving a technical presentation on this breakthrough module on Wednesday, March 2nd during the Advanced Technology Track at Strategies in Light/The LED Show.

Additional package sizes, color temperatures, and a warm-dimming option will be available in Q2 2016. ERG Lighting also plans to expand their offerings to include a higher powered (~40 watt) square module later this year. This module will be a cost-effective substitute for traditional driver/LED load combinations used in canopy lighting, security lighting, outdoor wall lighting, etc.

Samples of the 4” diameter light engine are available now. Custom designs are available. For details on pricing, contact ERG Lighting. Delivery is typically stock to 5 weeks A.R.O.

For more information, contact ERG Lighting, 2601 Wayne St., Endicott, NY 13760, USA.


Scott Barney, VP of Sales & Marketing - ERG Lighting
+1-607-754-9187 x3025