Rayben Technologies develops tunable white LED module for spot lighting

May 12, 2016
Rayben Technologies Limited announces a new Tunable White LED module series, LSD-Duo, from 10W to 50W that includes LED in two different CCTs with over 105lm/W at hot lumen. LSD-Duo series allows the SPOT lighting fixture manufacturer to produce tunable white over the range of 2700K to 6500K in narrow viewing angle, such as 10, 24 and 36 degree. The new innovative modules allow users to dim and control CCTs along the planckian curve. Lifetime of modules are 50k hours.

This new LSD-Duo series uses Rayben patented smart ceramic multi-layer PCB technology, MHE®901. This patented PCB, with US patent number of US9185791, embeds ceramic into multi-layer fabric based substrate material, such as FR4 and BT. Benefits include high thermal conductivity (170W/mK), high breakdown voltage resistant (up-to 15kV) and multi-layer (up-to 10 layers) circuit design.

“The demand for tunable white spot light is increasing because customers are now well aware of the benefits of having a spot light that match the progression of natural daylight from cool day light in the morning to warm candle light at night for residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, studio, stage, museum and industrial application. Lighting that matches the progression could improve worker productivity and enhance sleep patterns at night. On the other hand, the complexity of inventory for the spot lighting fixture would be simplified at the distributor,” said Ines Nip, CEO of Rayben Technologies.

Figure shows LSD-Duo tunable white 10W module installed at an office lobby
Daytime at 5000K with CRI 87 and night time at 2700K with CRI 81.

About Rayben
Rayben opened a new chapter on quality growth in 2010 in its history of 20-year in the PCB industry. We are now arguably best known for our innovations in LED lighting, specifically the MHE series for superior thermal performance. Boasting an unique, application-focused knowledge base in thermal solutions, we now service a number of verticals for specialty and general lighting segments, from level-one substrates, PCB and SMD for the automotive, architectural, stage, public areas and industrial lighting applications.

It grows as it goes. Now we expand our role and responses to the enlarging ecosystems in UV lighting, SSD, IGBT, and many other thermally challenging semiconductor devices. Our global footprints cover US, Europe, ASIAN and greater China. We are headquartered in Hong Kong with production facility in Zhuhai, China.


Samuel Fok, International Marketing Director - Rayben Technologies
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