American Bright Optoelectronics expands AC-LED modules to include linear and spot/flood applications

April 28, 2016
American Bright continues to expand their complete family of direct AC LED modules that allow for rapid product development and current standards compliance while reducing total cost for the most modern residential, commercial and industrial lighting applications.

Chino, California – American Bright Optoelectronics Corp. announced the expansion of their industry leading Ingeni-AC family of direct AC LED modules that eliminate the need for costly external AC to DC conversion. The family of light engine modules employs American Bright’s patented SimpleDrive® technology that eliminates the need for costly external drivers while allowing users to connect modules directly to 120VAC, US mains, line voltages. Many Ingeni-AC series modules can feature a UL 5VA lenses that will allow for quick and easy passage of UL 1598 as a Class I fixture.

The Ingeni-AC family provides dedicated, application specific solutions, for both the commercial and residential lighting industries. Linear, round and rectangular form factors are available in lumen packages ranging from 300 to >3200 lumens per module in all industry standard ANSI color bins to assure compliance with the latest standards from the DLC and Energy Star programs.

Linear modules are capable of producing over 1500 lumens per foot replacing all existing linear halogen, xenon, neon and fluorescent legacy light sources typically available to today’s designers. The Linear family boasts of efficacies over 125 lumens per watt and advanced standard triac dimming in industry leading 0-100% dimming ranges as an option.

The Spot/Flood series is comprised of 6 standard modules with efficacy as high as 100 lumens per watt and standard ANSI color bins. Diameters from just under one inch (24mm) to 6.3” (160mm) and a square, 3.125’x3.125” (80x80mm) are available for traditional light source replacement for legacy fixtures that would typically use a light bulb. With outputs from 4-watt 300 lumen to 36-watt >3200 lumens they are ideally suited for down lights, track and sconce applications. Dimming options range from 0~100% to 10-100% depending upon configuration.

The innovative chip scale package (CSP) style LED modules are available in the 6.3” diameter (160mm) format with enhanced viewing angles up to 160 degrees. These high-efficacy packages are ideally suited to ceiling fixtures where a wide emission angle lowers optics and reflector costs significantly. Color temperatures of 3000, 4000 and 5000K are standard with lumen packages of 2400 to 2550 lumens available as standard product.

Options for up to 90CRI are standard, allowing for both compliance with Title 24 as well as opening up high color rendering opportunities for lighting manufactures servicing architectural markets that rely on a higher level of color consistency such as museums, galleries and higher end boutiques. Custom configurations and designs are welcomed.

Third party independent testing (LM80) confirms the new family of light engines will exceed the minimum life and stability requirements set forth by both Energy Star and the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) while maintaining Title 24 compliance with 90 CRI and full range dimming capabilities. The entire family of light engines has a THDi of less than 15% and power factor >0.90 in all instances.

Ingeni-AC light engines are readily available in standards compliant ANSI color bins from warm white (2700K CCT) to cool white (6500K CCT) color temperatures. A high CRI of greater than 90 is available in all lighting class, ANSI, color temperatures. The inherent efficiency of an AC-direct design allows for a high power factor greater than 0.9 with no additional power conditioning or power factor correction circuitry required. An additional benefit of the innovative configuration is the full range dimmability. Compatibility with many Lutron and Leviton dimmers has been confirmed through independent testing. The simple plug and play nature of the American Bright solution reduces development time, assembly costs and still maintains the robust and reliable features of a solid-state lighting product.

“We continue to build on the success of our industry leading direct AC products and now have a complete module solution for just about every lighting application,” George Lee, President of American Bright Optoelectronics Corp., noted. “The inherent nature of our modules allow for a simple, cost effective method of producing solid state equivelants of the most commonly used fixtures,” Lee added.


American Bright Optoelectronics Corp.