FuturoLighting develops 40W LED module for general lighting without need for heatsink

April 13, 2016
FuturoLighting, a company focused on novel solid-state lighting solutions, introduces an extension to its range of LED modules. The square DC LED module involves the most recent LED technology offering a ready-made solution for fixture producers and hobbyists.
The LED module is populated on 210 x 210 x 5 mm metal core PCB, assembled by 144 mid-power LEDs according to user selection. LEDs are organized in 12S12P configuration on the board. Advantage of the module, there is no need for external heatsink once power dissipation is distributed among numerous LEDs placed on board. Based on used LED selection bin, the module reaches above 5000 lm depending on driving current. There are several possible configuration of modules entering from single module going to line and finally square configuration, reaching above 20K lumen in total with four modules.
Connectors are placed in position for easy configuration allowing forming line and square configurations. Using these modules at low driving currents increases module efficacy and prolongs lifetime, which is already high at 40W power consumption.
Preferred power supplies for this module are from 0,35 A up to 1,2 A CC with output voltage from 32 up to 42 VDC. Connection of the modules to constant current power supply is realized by poke-in terminals. There is the possibility to just use soldering pads to improve connection. The module is appropriate for numerous applications such as Low Bay, High Bay, Wall washers, Plant growing, and many others. LED module is customizable where customers can select LED brand, CCT, CRI, flux bin. More information can be found in http://www.fulit.eu/docs/210sq.pdf


Dr.-Ing. Valentin Kulikov - FuturoLighting

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