Luxtech introduces specification-grade flexible LED strip for luminaire manufacturers

July 14, 2016
Philadelphia, PA – -- – Luxtech, a leading American manufacturer of integrated LED module technology, introduces the first specification-grade flexible LED strip for luminaire manufacturers. Luxtech’'s low heat, super-thin flexible LED strips can be cut, curved, and adhered to fit nearly any lighting application.

With high capacity copper traces and a rugged polyimide substrate, Luxtech offers the most durable flexible LED ribbon on the market, especially built for robust, high-performance lighting fixtures. And Luxtech LED Flex can easily produce over 1100 lumens per foot.

Luxtech flexible LED strip is far superior to others on the market because only Luxtech is built to perform to, or above, the demanding standards of spec grade lighting. Luxtech partners with the highest-quality LED manufacturers, including Nichia and Samsung, known globally for their luminous efficacy, quality, and reliability. The 3-step binning promises proximity to the blackbody curve, as well as minimal color difference among white LEDs.

Luxtech collaborates with 3M Corporation to offer authentic 3M VHB tape. High tensile strength, sheer, and peel adhesion makes 3M the toughest, most robust tape on the market. Not only does the tape offer outstanding durability but also excellent resistance to solvents, moisture and heat. And no other tape can claim a twenty-four month shelf life.

Standard Luxtech specification-grade LED strips can be cut to any length in increments of 2.6” and is offered with 120 LEDs per meter with a pitch of 0.3” — which guarantees more lumens per inch and better photometric distribution without glare or hot spots.

Luxtech specification-grade flexible LED strips are ideal for circular designs, including downlights, both indoor and outdoor lighting, cabinet lighting, hospitality lighting and linear extrusions. Luxtech specification-grade LED Flex is available today in white, with color tuning LEDs available in the fall.

About Luxtech:
Luxtech designs, develops, and engineers LED modules that enable luminaire fixture manufacturers to enter the market or quickly expand their offerings. Luxtech, a privately held company, is one of a new breed of manufacturing companies that are part of the Philadelphia Navy Yard innovative technology program.


Sophie Janaskie - Luxtech
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