Honglitronic's high-power AC LED module obtains CE Certificate for distribution in Europe

June 21, 2016
Honglitronic high power AC LED module obtained the CE certificate, 10W LE002,and 20W LE003, that means that the products meet European Union’s safety and EMC standard with CE certified lable.The LED components with CE certification could be an advantage for customers to make use of in the design of lamps and lanterns, and cost saving. It also can help the client to shorten down the lamps and lanterns’ CE certification cycle.

CE mark is permitted only after all applicable requirements are met in accordance with the European Union Rules, including the manufacturer’s issuance of a “Declaration of Conformity. The Declaration of Conformity is issued under sole responsibility of manufacturer. This attestation is specific to the standard(s) stated above and compliance with additional standards and/or European directives are applicable.

?1?COB packaging and AC technologies combination?2?High Efficiency (> 85%), High Power Factor (PF >0.95),
Low THD (<20%)
?3?Simplified on-board power supply, Easy Assembl
?4?In-built High Temperature protection, Surge
protection circuit, Hi-pot (>4KV)
?5?Long Lifespan
?6?Triac dimming
?7?Without soldering connectors, with special buckle,
easy for optical design

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